joe argomaniz, art painting, plano texas

A Plano resident of 30 years and an artist for many more, Joe Argomaniz describes himself as “A human being who appreciates the colors of nature, respects the fragility of life, and will only rest when I am dead.”

Originally from the Dominican Republic, Joe’s appreciation for art began from a young age when he began experimenting with charcoal and watercolor to create compositions that showed freedom and motion. Later, this love for art inspired him to become a practicing architect, a career which has allowed him to successfully apply his understanding of color, relationships and form into his designs.

“My artistic style comes from the fusion of intense color and motion. As I imagine this combination, it inspires me to express it into a vibrant painting. In my mind, this is a constant and never-ending process as if color and motion are one.”

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Joe Argomaniz



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