The vibe of an establishment makes all the difference.

The Roots perfects the feeling of a welcoming, neighborhood bar whose focus is good conversation, networking and a sense of community. Roots are the source of where every person’s background is established and The Roots Owners/Operators Megan and Steven Turner know North Texas is home to people from many unique origins. Their goal is to create a “home-base bar.”

The mass amount of headquarters and large corporations in the area bring a lot of transplants and they want to build a place that makes everyone feel at home. “Whether it’s your first time in our bar, or you’re a regular, something about it will feel familiar,” Steven suggested. “Regardless of where you’re from, we’re taking you back to your roots.”

Like most homes, a patio is a must-have, and The Roots definitely didn’t skimp on it. A whopping 600 square feet is dedicated to patio space, and the remaining 900 square feet to inside seating. TVs are placed throughout the bar for sports entertainment. However, don’t get it confused with a sports bar. Imagine a modern twist to old school designs. Andy Warhol crossed with an antique store and Edison bulb lighting with countless iconic Frisco landmarks highlighted.

Salami Roll

On to the good stuff—drinks and food. The Roots are home to at least six specialty cocktails including Montana Bear and Miami Ice, an interesting concoction of gummy bears swimming in Amaretto, melon liqueur, orange juice, pineapple juice and Southern Comfort whiskey. Alongside the full-service bar, a selection of draft beers will rotate including beers from local breweries. Tie-Overs are served like appetizers and are all made-to-order with fresh organic produce. Some items from this menu are Salami Roll and Apple Bites. Enjoy cream cheese and bell peppers wrapped with salami atop a cracker, or for a healthier choice, fresh apples topped with Nutella and sliced almonds.

Frisco Square is now home to the locally owned and operated bar that proudly boasts a culture of genuine respect, shown by the staff. “My wife and I have been Frisco Square residents for the last three years and we love the area. We are merely providing a space that we feel is needed within the master planned community that is Frisco Square.”

Go check out this sure-to-be hot spot that just opened!

Photography by Go Local Group.

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The Roots

6142 Frisco Square Blvd. (northeast corner, directly north of City Hall)
Frisco, Texas 75034

Colbea Smith

Colbea Smith is a young professional who grew up in Plano and loves the community she will always consider “home”. She is a proud alumna of Texas State University – Go Bobcats! – who spent most...