“A fur-ever home I need.” Is what Yoda would say if he could speak, which of course he can’t—he’s a dog, an adorable dog in need of a loving home.

Yoda, who is thought to be a dachshund chihuahua mix and is 9 years old, is currently in foster care with Amanda Ball who lives here in Plano, Texas. Having battled to “rescue Yoda from puppy jail” and save him from euthanasia, Amanda needs our help to find Yoda his fur-ever home!

Here we let Amanda tell you all about Yoda in her own words:

“He LOVES sleeping in bed with everyone else all night long and typically prefers to be up on the pillow near mommy. He loves cuddling, kissing, and burrowing under blankets. He is about 9 years old and supposedly has arthritis, but you would never guess! He runs and jumps (but climbing stairs is tough). He follows his foster mommy everywhere! I have to watch my steps all the time. Due to having almost no teeth left, his long little tongue just hangs out of the side of his mouth at times. He also has to give sideways kisses for this reason. But those kisses are the best! He has the sweetest personality and has so much love to give. He is very tame and has very few accidents in the house (he is an old soul after all – don’t worry, they’re small and no bother at all). If I COULD keep a third pup, this sweet boy would be the one. He has totally captured my heart, and I will surely miss his snuggles when he’s gone. But there will be no better feeling than passing him off for his final landing, his fur-every mommy or daddy (and maybe some fur-siblings). He will bring so much joy to another family and he has plenty of life left to go! I just hope his age does not hinder his chances of forever.”

“Adopt me you must”

If you are interested in adopting Yoda please contact Amanda directly at alb0116@gmail.com. Be sure to put “Yoda Adoption” in the email subject.

Dog Foster Care?

Amanda fosters dogs through Cody’s Friends Rescue, whose mission is to place rescue dogs in homes until they are adopted, thus saving them from euthanasia.

“I encourage anyone who has the time, the space, the patience, and the love to consider fostering or adoption. There are many rescue groups out there willing to get you started and they all need the help! Although I can’t save them all, I can save one at a time,” Amanda told Plano Profile.

If you are interested in fostering dogs, here we leave you with the details of Cody’s Friends Rescue:

Cody’s Friends Rescue

Every week hundreds of gorgeous dogs are put to death by local shelters. Rescue organizations like Cody’s Friends Rescue work hard to save as many as they possibly can, but it is a never-ending process.

All of their dogs are neutered/spayed, vet checked, have all their shots, are de-wormed, groomed and checked for heartworms. They are all are current on Heartworm preventative medicine as well as flea and tick meds. Every dog is micro-chipped prior to adoption.

Contact: ta.austin@att.net

Website: codysfriendsrescue.com

Facebook: facebook.com/CFRDallas

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