Most medical facilities treat people as patients. Being a friend is the goal of Dr. Skinner and his staff. No lip service found here. Anyone visiting this comprehensive office will experience the difference.

dr skinner plano family health and wellness cryotherapy chamber

The practice concept was founded on what the doctor felt was lacking in today’s medical world. He felt there had to be an improved method. Getting to know his patients better was at the top of his list. The doctor’s goal is to spend at least 30 minutes with each patient, especially new ones. While symptoms are important, his goal is getting to know the patient. Concerns, worries and other factors come alive with extended conversations that eventually build trust. A proactive wellness regimen is the ultimate goal. This occurs after immediate issues are addressed, are under treatment or resolved. Each patient’s treatment plan is unique.

Convenience and multiple modality protocols are the other key features of this progressive minded practice. Most patients dread the referral factor. Usually another day, time, travel and additional fees start swirling in the patient’s mind. The better way concept Dr. Skinner employs also includes Dr. Brian Winningham, an in-practice Chiropractor. His expertise, adjustments and extensive exercise equipment, compliment standard medical treatment. This is especially effective for patients suffering from sports injuries, accidents and/or chronic physical conditions. A rehab regimen may also be recommended.

A whole body Cryotherapy chamber is also found at Family Health and Wellness. This relatively new pain treatment method is just starting to find traction in modern medicine annuals. Sports players and athletics have utilized ice treatment for pain for some time. This is just a more sophisticated off-spring utilizing liquid nitrogen as a mist. Anyone suffering chronic pain and/or inflammation can benefit. Check with the office for more detailed information.

dr skinner, plano family health and wellness
Family health and wellness hosted a ribbon cutting recently with the plano chamber of commerce

Other services include but are not limited to: acute care, school and sports physicals, chronic disease management, nutritional counseling, general fitness training, weight loss management, testosterone replacement, functional testing, Supplements and DNA testing.

The office is fresh, open and inviting to all. The atmosphere lends itself to a sense of well being. Gone is the “fear factor” many have when just walking into a regular medical practice.

dr skinner plano family health and wellness
Dr Skinner and his team at Family Health and Wellness of Plano are ready and excited to meet you!
dr skinner plano family health and wellness
Dr Skinner

Family Health and Wellness of Plano

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Plano, Texas

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