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This year, don’t get caught in a Home Alone situation while you are out visiting family or traveling to get away. As Kevin McCallister once said, “This is my house, I have to defend it.”
Instead, protect your house and property with these helpful tips:

1. Keep A Light On

One of the best deterrents is the use of lights. Leave at least one light on in the house, with an energy-efficient bulb to save on electricity or use appliance timers to turn on different lights at random times. This can fool criminals to believe that someone may be home. Also, motion sensor lights or flood lights outside work well. Don’t leave any dark corners in the yard or around your house.

2. Cut Back Shrubs

Trim plants, bushes, etc. located in front of low windows. These areas provide the perfect hiding spot for break ins. Leaving more areas exposed can discourage criminals.

3. Set a Safety Routine

Make sure you establish a routine to lock all doors, shut windows and turn on alarm systems every time you leave. Avoid leaving spare keys outside, under a planter or welcome mat, as thieves know typical hiding places.

4. Use a Trusted Neighbor or Relative

There’s almost nothing better to protect your house than an actual person, with a vested interest in the well-being of your home. Recruit a friend, relative or neighbor to check on your property to make sure there is no suspicious activity.

5. Avoid Social Media

While it’s fun to share news of upcoming trips with family and friends, social media can actually broadcast when you’ll be gone to anyone and everyone. Instead, save your photos and whereabouts until you return.

6. Garner Proper Coverage

Be sure you have the right home insurance coverage to protect all of your valuables. While you can prepare as much as possible, at some point a burglary could potentially happen. You’ll want to know exactly what’s covered and what gaps may exist in your current plan to be prepared!

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