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In Plano if you love to paint, you paint…whatever the weather! And that was precisely the case when local Plano artist Michael Holter hosted a recent painting workshop.

Michael Holter, a local Plano impressionist painter who presented an exhibition “Faces and Places: The Way I See It” at BTH Bank on Preston Road, was joined by five fellow Plano artists who enjoyed three days of Plein Air painting. Despite a little rain and a lot of wind on the opening morning, the group of artists painted out and about in Plano; in the courtyard around the pool at Eastside Village, at Haggard Park in Downtown Plano, as well as at the Heritage Farmstead Museum.

“It went great. We enjoyed the time we had together, and came away with a couple of paintings to boot!” Michael told Plano Profile.

The following collection of photos were taken at the Hertiage Farmstead Museum in Plano: [print_gllr id=2830]

Photos by Cyndy Holter

Michael Holter

Texas artist, Michael Holter works in both watercolor and oil.

Michael says, “I think of my work as impressionistic. I like to represent people or places and allow the painting to evolve from the structure of what is recognizable. The challenge is to balance the care needed to make the representation interesting… and perhaps believable, with the freedom, looseness and painterly quality that makes painting so unique and expressive.

“I have been influenced by artists such as Charles Reid, Richard Schmid, Burt Silverman, Frank Webb, John Singer Sargent, Ted Nuttall and many others. Even though I have an art degree, most of what I put into practice is self-taught through studying the work of these distinguished artists and much painting.

“My wife, Cyndy, and I grew up in the wide-open plains of North Dakota and arrived in Plano, TX, by way of Minnesota (I can paint a snowy winter landscape with the best of ‘em), prior to our east coast years in Virginia. We often travel enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. Currently, I am working on a series of figurative paintings and a series influenced by a recent trip to Istanbul and the Mediterranean regions of Turkey.”

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