The Children’s Chorus of Collin County presents their annual Holiday Concert on Monday, December 7 at Custer Road United Methodist Church in Plano, themed “A Musical Feast at the Castle.” Expect an evening filled with beautiful music, clever drama, costumes, dancing, and merriment as the children sing holiday madrigals and other Renaissance pieces. A chamber orchestra with harpsichord, percussion, flutes and recorders will provide accompaniment for the historic music. There will even be medieval dancers and a sword fight to add authenticity.

Interludes between sets will be dramatic scenes about the king’s kitchen boy, who wants more than anything to be a knight. These interludes are a collaboration between the creativity of Janie Oliver, Artistic Director and Co-Founder of the Chorus, and the dramatic writing of Noelle Beaver, director and owner of the Phoenix Repertory Theatre in south Dallas.

The Children’s Chorus of Collin County Holiday Concert

When: Monday, December 7, 7 p.m.

Where: Auditorium, Custer Road United Methodist Church, 6601 Custer Rd., Plano, Texas 75023

Tickets: Adults, $10; children and seniors, $5. Reserved seats are $20. Buy tickets here through December 6 or at the door.


About the Children’s Chorus of Collin County

The Children’s Chorus of Collin County began in January 2007, with a special group of talented children who wanted to make a difference by contributing music to the cities in which they lived. The group is now comprised of over 100 members, made up of auditioned boys and girls who exhibit superior musical and vocal skills, enthusiasm for choral performance, and a strong desire to be a part of a growing group of talented youth.

The Chorus is audition-based and offers three chorus opportunities for children and teens:

• Prelude Chorus for grades 3–5

• Children’s Chorus for grades 6–8

• Youth Chorus for grades 9–12

This group of multi-talented children and youth amazes and astounds audiences with their special talents. Within the group, there are budding songwriters, talented instrumentalists, actors who perform regularly in their community theaters, and many talented soloists who perform individually in local and even national settings. The Children’s Chorus of Collin County is led by Artistic Director and Co-Founder Janie Oliver, and is sponsored in part by the City of Plano.

Special thanks to Russ Porter for submitting information for this article. Group photo by Beau Rolfe.

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