prodigy with her violoncello, jean ellis newman, art

Last month, I suggested that perhaps I should try channeling American painter Frederic Edwin Church. Although thoughts of icebergs would be quite soothing during these sweltering summer days, I went entirely in the opposite direction by painting in some of the warmest pigments on my palette.

The Cadmium Red Orange, Cadmium Red, and Quinacridone Rose hues that dominate this painting perfectly convey the heightened emotion of the occasion. A splash of Cadmium Orange on the cello notches up the temperature, while shadows of dark bluegreen cool and anchor the composition.

My heart swells when I gaze at this young girl who appears supremely composed in her moment of triumph. In another life, I would long to be in her little red shoes!

Jean Ellis Newman

Jean Ellis Newman is the president of Wishbone Graphics, Inc. and the founder of Plano Profile magazine, which she launched in 1982. In addition to celebrating life with Mike and their standard...