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Wonderful Service and Staff

Plano Profile has done an amazing job of working with me and has helped improve my business flow and clientele percentage. Jodie was very helpful and sweet, enjoyed the entire process of working with this team! Thank you very much!

Sandi Arensman

Such a good reach for our target audience

Please thank the team for their kind words from the Dining Divas visit.  We are humbled by their kind words, and pleased that we could deliver a good experience.  We try to do so on every guest’s visit.

The response we have received from the article is phenomenal.  Just when we thought we had reached most of our Plano audience we learned that their are so many out there that did not know we are here.  Plano Profile has such a good reach for our target audience, and to be mentioned in a professionally crafted city magazine like Plano Profile is a real honor.

John and Teresa
Sip and Savor

Plano Profile Advertizing Brings Exceptional Results

Sandi Arensman

Not just a vehicle for advertising

I just want to say Congratulations on this wonderful issue! I have been a reader since I moved here 4 years ago and even wrote a couple stories for Britney (right about the time you purchased the magazine). I am so thrilled with the changes you have made. This issue was like getting my Texas Monthly in the mailbox! The stories were compelling and well written and not just one but several. The one about Christina Morris told me things I didn’t know (and I thought I knew everything about that case), and I loved the one about the satanic Ranch 111. The resident who contracted AIDS story was incredibly interesting. I read each of these word for word.

Your magazine has evolved into a true magazine and not just a vehicle for advertising. Okay, all mags are vehicles for advertising but yours makes it enjoyable.

Debbie Weinbel

This story is a tribute

I just finished reading your story on Christina Morris.  You are right – it is a parent’s worst nightmare and a story Plano parents watched with broken hearts. This story is a tribute to her family and Team Christina that faithfully supported the family through the worst tragedy imaginable.


So many positive comments and good conversations

The article, layout and photos were outstanding!  I have had so many positive comments and good conversations with people about the Article and Plano Profile. Thank you for your involvement and allowing my participation. Great job!

Thank you again.


A (not so) hidden gem

I think your magazine is exceptional, a hidden gem (maybe not so hidden) in regional publications. Bravo.

A simple Plano Muslim


I would like to thank Alexandra Cronin for her article today regarding the post shared by Tom Harrison on his Facebook.

I do watch the news and see how hate is manifesting across the country, but this morning when I saw what happens it felt different. I am shocked that a sitting elected official in the town I chose to call home feels it is ok to share such posts publicly. If such posts are ok to be shared publicly, what do they think in private or when they are behind closed doors with people who share their views? Knowing such a person has any influence on decision affecting my city is really alarming .

The promptness of your article was truly comforting and let me know that the gate and ignorance hasn’t hit a level where you, as a writer, didn’t deem such a thing worthless of an article.

So, thank you!

Youssef Belefqih

Thank you.

I am a Plano resident and I read your contributions to Plano Profile each month! I admired your piece Agents of Change last October and I wanted you to know.  I also value print — I’ve kept this edition out on my desk as inspiration to me as we build our start up Skratch in Dallas.

As an educator, entrepreneur, wife, and mother raising three sons, I value the excellent material that you create at Plano Profile.

Today, thank you. Thank you for telling stories that resonate so well with your female audience. Thank you for inspiring and giving access to these amazing women so that other young women can see how women define success in Plano.

Lindsay E. Feldman

I loved the sentiment

Hi Philip and Rebecca: I wanted to congratulate you on the latest issue of Plano Profile.  The “Love” issue is just beautiful and full of significant editorial content. But, particularly, I wanted to congratulate Philip on his letter. I loved the sentiment and hope that it helps bring our community together even more.

Great job!

Carole Greisdorf

I read it cover to cover

I just want you to know I love Plano Profile magazine and I read it cover to cover every time we get it! 🙂


We’re fortunate to have Plano Profile

Y’all are doing an amazing job and I always enjoy reading Plano Profile each month. Thank you for the fantastic coverage of so many diverse topics.

Thank you, again, for covering notable subjects. We’re fortunate to have Plano Profile as a local news source.

Catherine Riggle

Keep up the good work

I have lived in Plano for over 40 years and been reading the Plano Profile since its inception.  Since you and your whole staff have taken it over, it gets better, more interesting, more beautiful, more creative every month.   I read it cover to cover.   Over 40 years the city has grown so much, it is difficult to keep up.  So I have particularly enjoyed the articles about Plano West Center, new restaurants, fashions, arts, balloon fest activities the Men’s issue, the Women’s issue, as well as your personal family vacations spots and what to see there…

I could go on and on but I will end with – keep up the good work. Also, I must add that some of my friends in other zip codes no longer receive the Plano Profile so I pass mine on to them when I finish.

Ellen Morton

Diversity and Progressive Thinking

I first noticed the different feel and photography of the new Plano Profile.  I took notice, but into the recycling it went.  Next issue, I thumbed through and read the profiles of the new staff and contributors.  Nice, I thought, before it went into the recycling.  Before I knew it I was picking the Profile out of the mail stack and looking forward to seeing what was new and interesting.  Several times I have thought about writing to let you know how much I enjoy the new Plano Profile, but just never did.  Then I read The Women’s Issue from cover to cover. The women and equality issues you chose to highlight really speak to all of humanity. It is nice to have a publication that reflects the diversity and progressive thinking of an evolving Collin County.  Thank you!

Shawn Kaplan

LOVE the “new” Plano Profile!

I LOVE the “new” Plano Profile! Can’t wait to receive it each month!

Jeanne Cloward

A Tremendous Feast of Reading

I want to take this moment to let you know how much I enjoy reading the Plano Profile magazine.  Congratulations to you, Philip and your excellent staff for making it a tremendous feast of reading every month!

Angela Kelso

Keep up the great work!

Also, may I just say how much I have enjoyed the “Plano Profile” over these many years!  It has always reflected the best of our Plano community.  Now I really enjoy the modernization of the magazine and the new slant it has taken. Just recently I read the article on Henry’s Ice Cream….perfect timing because I had been researching where I could find sorbet for a “tea” our president is giving at convention.  Problem solved!  Sorbet is now ordered at Henry’s.

Congratulations to Mr. Silvestri, you, and all the rest of the staff at “Plano Profile.”  Keep up the great work!  Again, thank you!


A Breath of Fresh Air

I always liked the Plano Profile but now that you have taken over, I LOVE the Plano Profile.  Before I would thumb through each issue and read an article now and then.  But now I read every article, every page, every word.  I look up websites that are mentioned, I tear out recipes, I write down addresses of places I want to visit.  What a breath of fresh air you have given to the Plano Profile.

Toni Jenkins






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