Liberty Park in Plano is an ordinary neighborhood playground with one special feature – a M41-A3 Walker Bulldog tank.

The tank sits within the actual playground area and has been slightly modified to add a ladder so that kiddos can climb up and all around it. It’s a lot of fun for photos and for imaginative play. Of course, every kiddo who sees this tank wants to climb inside which, understandably, is not possible since the latch door has been sealed shut.

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Aside from the amazing tank, the actual play structures at liberty park are rather ordinary.

The rest of the playground at Liberty Park is rather ordinary. There’s two play structures, one for older kids and one for younger kids, as well as a swing set.

There’s also picnic tables, grills and open sports practice fields.

The M41-A3 Walker Bulldog tank at Liberty Park in Plano weighs 23.5 Tons, is 26.9 feet long and 8.9 feet wide. It has a 76-millimeter gun and could travel at 45 miles per hour. These tanks were produced in the 1950s by the Cadillac Plant at Cleveland, Ohio. This model of tank was provided by the United States to the South Vietnamese and used very successfully against the North Vietnamese T54/55 tanks in the Republic of Vietnam during the 1950s and 1960s.

Note: Liberty Park is not the same as Liberty Playground, these are two different places in Plano. Liberty Park features a playground with a tank while Liberty Playground is a large all-abilities playground with splash pad at Windhaven Meadows Park. Liberty Playground does not have a tank but it has incredible and very varied play facilities which makes it one of the best playgrounds in Plano. Click here for Liberty Playground.

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Tank Playground at Liberty Park, Plano

Where? 1200 Mill Valley Drive, Plano

Restrooms? Sometimes … sort of! While not particularly convenient, there are restrooms you can use at Liberty Rec Center which is located nearby to Liberty Park. Of course, access to these restrooms is limited by the opening times of the center.

All-Abilities? Not an all-abilities playground

Age? All ages


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