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Dallas Real Estate Broker Sophia Polk is a true professional with little use for “big box” real estate agencies. She has created one of the fastest growing boutique services in Dallas, focused on personal and professional service for each individual client.

Her passion for real estate began as a little girl, following her father around luxury construction sites and learning the business of building homes from the ground up. She didn’t always appreciate spending her Saturdays learning how to pound a nail or pour a foundation. But as she grew older, she realized how important those life lessons were to her future.

It shouldn’t be surprising that building her own successful luxury real estate agency would fit perfectly. Sophia’s entrepreneurial passion began watching her father, and from those early beginnings, she envisioned a career building her own business.

Sophia’s early companies were co-founded with her husband and included an online day trading firm, telecommunications, land development and home building, and a hugely successful nutritional supplement company. She also negotiated multi-million dollar deals with Fortune 500 principals and even had the experience of taking two companies public.

Sophia brings her clients 17 years of entrepreneurial endeavors, combined with unmatched skills, dedication, knowledge, and passion for realizing their luxury real estate goals. She identified her true passion in business was the marketing side of building and growing brands.

Her meteoric growth in real estate comes from her “outside the box” thinking and exploring non-traditional marketing strategies the average real estate agent is not familiar with. This is where she identified her unique selling proposition as The Tech Savvy Agent.

Sophia offers her clients more than real estate experience and expertise. She brings them her special brand of determination, energy, powerful negotiating skills, and competitive spirit. At the core of Sophia’s agency is a firm commitment going above and beyond, taking exceptional care of their clients.

She believes that since the sale and purchase of a home is a major life event, it should be as much fun as possible. She also believes that staying on top of things is a tried-and-true habit, like listening carefully, being responsive to her clients, and actually answering her phone.

Sophia Polk is a Local Profile 2021 Top Realtor.