At Monarch View Park in Frisco you’ll find one of the best playgrounds for young kids in the area, it’s also one of the prettiest, set among beautiful gardens. Monarch View Park, Frisco also features a native wildflower prairie area designed to aid migrating monarch butterflies as well as native Texan birds.

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There’s a monarch butterfly sculpture atop a hill overlooking monarch view park in frisco. It’s a short walk from the main playground and there’s a slide to speed you back down!

The playground at Monarch View Park takes up almost the entire park and could be more accurately described as a play garden. There’s no big climbing structures or bright colors, but there’s a variety of things to do and explore dispersed among the trees and landscaped gardens.

At the entrance there’s a larger climbing structure: a web of ropes that forms a tunnel/climbing wall that can be climbed up, through or along.

A little further in is a small climbing structure with 3 small slides and a unique “up and over” climbing feature. In this same area there are small mounds or hills as well as a little green “cave” which kids can crawl into and hide. This little green “cave” also has big holes/windows to pop out arms, legs and heads. It’s a fun place to hide on a hot day.

Nearby is a musical nook with drums and a keyboard.

In another area is a larger bank of swings with bench swings, bucket swings and a larger swing seat with safety harness. Early in the morning this area is completely shaded by trees.

One of the most popular features of the playground at Monarch View Park is the zip lines. There’s one zip line for older children with a simple circle seat and another with a large bucket seat and safety harness.

At the other end of the park is the public art structure for which the park is named. Atop a small hill with a nice footpath that winds to the top is a sculpture with 6 larger than life monarch butterflies taking flight into the sky.

monarch view park frisco, best playgrounds frisco
This slide snakes down the hill where the butterfly sculpture is located | monarch view park, frisco

Another fun feature of the butterfly hill is a long slide which snakes down part of the hill. It’s flanked by flowers and greenery so it’s pretty too.

While all the playground structures are set within landscaped gardens, the play areas themselves have a turf ground cover which is nice and soft to play on but also blends nicely with the surroundings.

In addition to the monarch butterfly sculpture, the playground architects also designed the area to mimic the migration pattern of monarchs. Whether you’re familiar with monarch migration, this means the park has a nice flow and there’s also some bright blue pathways which kids can imagine are a lazy river or a creek.

Nearby, within walking distance, there is another brightly colored play structure, there is a footpath which leads there.

monarch hill park, best playgrounds frisco
Seriously, how cute are these faux rolling hills? | monarch view park, frisco

Overall Monarch Hill Park is a lot of fun, to some extent with the turfed hills and green and brown theme feels like being inside a kids cartoon, it especially reminded me of Peppa Pig.

Other facilities include a basketball court with community basketballs as well as some gym equipment.

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Monarch View Park, Frisco

Where? Panther Creek Parkway & Teel Parkway, Frisco

Parking? There is limited road parking. This is a neighborhood park.

Restrooms? There are no restrooms at this playground.

All-Abilities? No, this is not an all-abilities playground.

Age? All ages. Although there is not much excitment for older children. This playground is really best suited for younger kids.


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