If you’re looking for one of the best playgrounds around, you search may be over. The Space Station Playground at McCord Park in Little Elm is out of this world, pun intended.

space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. best suited for older kids, 5 and above.
Space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. Best suited for older kids, 5 and above.

This unique playground isn’t technically space-themed but something about this towering hexagonal structure led us to nickname it “Space Station playground”. Just look at the photos, don’t you agree? Plus, it’s a nice easy name for your kids to remember and get excited about. After all, how can they not be excited about going to the “Space Station playground”.

The playground itself is pretty simple. The base is slightly bouncy, a bit like a trampoline which you little astronauts can bounce along to reach the two pillars from which they can ascend into the main structure. Each of the pillars have a simple step ladder it’s relatively high off the crowd so a nervous child may need “spotting” or a little extra encouragement to get them up the first few times. It’s also large enough for an adult to climb up too, if you want.

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A peak inside space station playground at mccord in little elm, one of the best playgrounds around.

Once inside the structure, it really does feel like a space ship or space station. On one side there are vertical obstacles from floor to ceiling which kids can imagine are laser beams. On the other side there the obstacles are along the ground, creating a wobbly floor effect a little like a rope bridge.

At the top, you find the entry way to a big, long metallic slide.

On our experience, once the kids come down the slide they race up the steps to the bouncy platform, across and right back up and into the “Space Station”, over and over again. When you want to leave you’ll want to time grabbing them as they come out the slide before they have chance to get up again.

The base of the structure has a few other areas of play such as wobbling platforms but nothing is as all-consuming as the “Space Station” itself.

Space Station playground is surrounded by green space, perfect for picnics and there are also two very small picnic table areas which are shaded and suitable for one family or group. It’s not really large enough for an elaborate birthday party but if you’re having a small gathering, it’s a great birthday party option.

As you can probably see from the photos, Space Station playground isn’t really suitable for younger children. As an example, our now 5 year old loves it and enjoyed it when he was 4 too. In comparison our now 3 year old isn’t confident to climb alone and she definitely wasn’t interested at 2 years old. Of course, every child is different and we’ve seen other 3 years old climbing and sliding down independently.

If, like us, you have split age groups with one old enough for the Space Station but the other too small there is another playground, suitable for all ages. The other fun, but much more “normal” playground, is at the other end of McCord Park. It’s about a 15-minute walk from the Space Station, or you can park at the other park entrance at 2050 FM 423, Little Elm. This playground has everything you would expect: slides, swings, climbing structure and also has an adults exercise area which is fun for kids too. Overall, a nice playground, just not as exciting or unique as the Space Station!

space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. best suited for older kids, 5 and above.
Space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. Best suited for older kids, 5 and above.

How to find Space Station playground at McCord Park, Little Elm

The first two times we visit McCord Park we did not find the Space Station playground, so, pay attention.

The easiest way to find Space Station playground at McCord Park is to head to 1001 Witt Rd, Little Elm which may be labelled as Little Elm Splash Pad in your Maps app. This address takes you to a parking lot which is indeed right next to Little Elm Splash Pad.

You cannot see Space Station playground from the parking lot. Walk across the Splash Pad, Splash Pad on your right, restrooms on your left and then turn right onto the trail. (If you go straight on the trail you can loop around and still find the Space Station playground but the fastest way is to turn right). Once you turn right, you’ll walking along the trail for just a few minutes and you’ll spot the Space Station playground. You really can’t miss it at that point.

Another way to find the Space Station playground is to park at 2050 FM 423, Little Elm. There’s a parking lot for McCord park behind the gas station. Here you will find a normal playground at the entrance. From there walk perpendicular to the main road until you come across a fishing pond. Take the trail around the pond and then you’ll find a very large dog park and beyond that is the Space Station playground. If you like to walk yourself, this is a nice thing to do, you can even get your kids involved by telling them you need to “find” the Space Station and enlist them into helping you spot it.

McCord Park, Little Elm

Space Station playground is located within McCord Park which is vast with trails, a fishing pond, dog park, amazing splash pad and even a disc golf course. It’s a really beautiful park with a lot to offer.

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Space Station at McCord Park, Little Elm

Where? 1001 Witt Rd, Little Elm. To find the Space Station, turn right along the trail and walk about 100 meters.

Restrooms? Restrooms available at the parking lot next to the splash pad.

All-Abilities? No, this is not an all-abilities playground.

Age? Best suited for children 5 and above. Use your best judgement on your child’s abilities.

More: www.littleelm.org/955/McCord-Park

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