Kid Country playground is part of the incredible facilities at Andrew Brown Jr. Community Park in Coppell. The beauty of Andrew Brown Jr. Community Park plus the size, variety and shaded space of Kid Country make this playground one of the best playgrounds to visit in our area.

One of the best aspects of this playground is that it’s circled by trees, which provide a lot of shade and, the entire playground is fenced in so you don’t have to worry too much about your kids escaping.

The main play area features wooden pathways, slides and bridges, and also includes a large climbing structure, swings and teeter totters. There’s also a big climbing structure which is a challenge for older children.

andrew brown jr. community park, coppell, best playgrounds, kid country playground
Kid Country Playground in Coppell is surrounded by trees which throw plenty of shade.

Meanwhile, there’s a fantastic (and separate) space for small children, which is similar to the “tot lot” at Fort Wildflower, encouraging imaginative play with a cute wooden play village. This area also has some mini-slides suitable for little ones.

What really makes this a great place to visit is the size, beauty and impressive facilities of Andrew Brown Jr. Community Park. Outside of the playground, a walk around the park reveals three huge ponds with lovely pavilions, perfect for picnics and parties, as well as areas of wildflowers. There’s also art in the form of giant sculptures.

andrew brown jr. community park, coppell, bluebonnets, pond, fishing
Kid country playground is at andrew brown jr. Community park which is gorgeous. In spring, bluebonnets can be found on the shore of one of the main ponds.

Whenever we visit Kid Country playground we always take the kids on a walk around the park before or after we go to the playground. And, since it’s a good 30 minute drive we also make the most of our trip by packing a picnic and enjoying that in the grounds of Andrew Brown Jr. Community Park.

If you venture to the central pavillion on the other side of the pond (not the one at the park entrance) you’ll often have the who space to yourself, plus it looks over the pond and the tables are really nice. Be on the lookout for wildlife, we always spot lots of birds and turtles but we’ve also seen snakes in the water too.

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Kid Country playground at Andrew Brown Jr. Community Park, Coppell

Where? 260 Parkway Blvd., Coppell 

Restrooms? Restrooms available, outside the playground at the main entrance to the park area

All-Abilities? No, this is not an all-abilities playground.

Age? Activities and fun for ages, includes a tot lot


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