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Jan Richey couldn’t afford a car, printing, or postage when she launched her real estate career in 1983. But ever-determined, she traveled by motorcycle and delivered handwritten listings door to door. Thirty-eight years later, her real estate business is among the most successful in greater Dallas. Yet the humility of her early days still informs her work.

“Our Team welcomes all price points, and we treat all clients equally,” Jan says. “We recognize that one client’s $300,000 home is just as important to them as a $3 million home is to another client. They both have skin in the game.”

Richey’s mantra for success is simple: Be honest, be kind, and work smart. Her Team cultivates client relationships with reliable communication, dedicated strategies, and transparent guidance. “We don’t over-promise. Rather, we exceed expectations from day one. Real estate is a business where you can earn as much as you’re willing to work for, so we work hard to earn our clients’ trust and deliver exceptional results.”

TEAM STRATEGY – Jan is quick to credit her Team for her sustained success. A Team Manager, a Marketing Director, a Listing Coordinator and a Staging Specialist are the administrative components who support the Sales Partners. The entire Team functions cohesively and congenially to elevate the collective whole of the firm. As proof of their dedication, the Team often receives heartfelt feedback from grateful clients, as well as a loyal referral base that extends back for decades.

NO SLOWING DOWN – Though Jan has been in the industry since 1983, she has no plans to retire. “What would I do all day?” she laughs. With the flexibility afforded by her Team, Jan enjoys traveling with her husband, volunteering in dog rescues, and serving the community as a generous philanthropist. She regrets nothing from her career, acknowledging that even mistakes have been valuable lessons.

“I love what I do, and I’ve been blessed to share its rewards with others,” Jan says. “I’ve been in this business for 38 years. Bring on the next 38!”

The Jan Richey Team are Local Profile 2021 Top Realtors.

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