With numerous baseball and softball fields, skate park, jogging track, a tennis complex and a rec center with indoor and outdoor pools, Gabe Nesbitt Park in McKinney can be more accurately decsribed as a sports complex than an ordinary “park”. There’s also a library, 4 individual playground structures and a PSA sports arena.

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Gabe nesbitt community park, mckinney | map courtesy of the city of mckinney parks and recreation

At Gabe Nesbitt Park you’ll find the 4 seperate playgrounds scattered throughout the complex, there’s:

Keep reading to take a look at all 4.

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The toddler playground at the tennis courts at gabe nesbitt park, mckinney

Toddler Playground at the Tennis Courts | Gabe Nesbitt Park

The playground by the tennis complex has the same purple, yellow and blue theme as the one by the skate park but is more geared towards toddles/childred aged 2-5. There’s climbing and slides as well as sensory boards.

To get to the playground you will need to go through the tennis court clubhouse. The playground is right by the clubhouse which has a nice patio with seating.

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At gabe nebitt park in mckinney you’ll find the impressive playground close to the skatepark

Playground between Tennis and Skatepark | Gabe Nesbitt Park

Just like the playground at the softball pitches, this playground is best for older children and especially great for kids who love to climb. In addition to being brightly colored and varied with lots of slides, it has a lot of different and challenging climbing features.

There’s an entire section with more than five stand alone climbing structures which you won’t find anywhere else. There’s also a large playground structure with slides.

One fun and nostalgic element to this playground is a “classic” seesaw. Our family had so much fun on this, even if it was a bit scary, and brought back so many memories of my own childhood!

There is no shade canopy over the main playground structure but there is a shade canopy covering a series of benches.

This playground was completed remodelled in 2020.

best playgrounds mckinney there's an incredible 4-story playground at the softball fields at gabe nesbitt park in mckinney
There’s an incredible 4-story playground at the softball fields at gabe nesbitt park in mckinney

4-Story Playground at the softball fields | Gabe Nesbitt Park

If you have dare-devil children who love to slide and climb, this is the absolute best playground in the area. In fact, we believe this is the only 4-story playground structure in Collin County.

This playground has just one playground structure which towers 4 stories into the air, almost touching the shade canopy.

Twirling down from the top are two very long curly slides which are pretty steep. There is also two other slides that come down from a lower level. Access up the tower is by steps/staircase to the lower level and then to get to the top is via a rope climbing obstacle which stops younger children making it to the very top.

While we wouldn’t recommend bringing younger kids here, there are some things to do on ground level such as sensory and musical toys.

In addition to this being the tallest playground in the area, it’s also fully shaded thanks to a canopy which covers the entire structure. Plus it’s right next to some restrooms and there are 4 benches to sit and watch from.

You’ll find this incredible playground in the heart of the softball fields at Gabe Nesbitt Park, McKinney.

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Playground at the ball park at gabe nesbitt park, mckinney

Small Playground at the Ball Park | Gabe Nesbitt Park

One of the playgrounds is located just inside the entrance to the Ball Park, baseball fields, and is completed covered by an awning for shade. It’s a fun playground with slides, monkey bars, climbing structures and even a tic-tac-toe board. It’s also conveniently located near to the restrooms.

Of the 4 playgrounds at Gabe Nesbitt Park, this one is the oldest and, in our opinion, the least exciting. However, for a hot day, it is a good completely shaded option for young kids to enjoy.

There’s so much to do at Gabe Nesbitt Park in McKinney, we reccommend planning to spend at least a few hours here. Don’t forget to explore the newly renovated library while you’re there!

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Gabe Nesbitt Park, McKinney

Where? 7001 Eldorado Parkway, McKinney

Restrooms? Yes, there are restrooms.

All-Abilities? No, none of the 4 playgrounds are suitable for all-abilities

Age? All ages.

More: https://www.mckinneytexas.org/1510/Gabe-Nesbitt-Park

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