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Edie possesses unique skills as a Realtor®. Raised in a ‘real estate family’ in Irving, Texas, Edie did not immediately join the family business. She followed her father’s into construction, working her way through every aspect of residential and commercial construction, bringing this knowledge to real estate.

Whether building or pre-existing, commercial, land or real estate development, her 25+ years of experience provides confidence and assurance to her clients. Edie’s knowledge and experience are the perfect combination as her real estate business has grown exponentially over the years.

West portrays a long record of successfully guiding local, national and multinational clients with their real estate acquisitions, commercial property and real estate development. Her areas of expertise include: Strategic Planning, Land Acquisition/Research and all areas of Residential Real Estate.

Edie’s passion is apparent to her clients, as well as everyone around her. She puts forth 100% effort in all she does, for family, friends, and clients alike.

Edie West is a Local Profile 2021 Top Realtor.

Edie West: Edie West Realty Group, LLC