A nicely shaded, fun option for smaller kids (7 and under), which is connected to a trail with disc golf. Al Ruschhaupt Park also has a splash pad.

The playground at Al Ruschhaupt Park in McKinney is ideal for smaller kids since all the play structures are close to the ground and easy for little arms and legs to climb, swing, slide and enjoy. Our kiddos especially loved the varied climbing options and the play store.

The main play structure has walkways which are wide enough to accomodate a wheelchair. Each walkway connects to a mini-house with a green leaf roof which gives the playground the look of a fairy village.

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There are lots of slides which are perfect for little ones at the playground at al ruschhaupt park in mckinney

Something we love about this playground is that it has lots of seating for weary parents. There’s nice seating all around the playground and there’s even stadium-style seating at the splash pad.

While some areas of the playground are shaded some areas are not and the splash pad has no shade at all. You may want to consider visiting early in the morning or on a cloudy day to avoid sunburn and/or getting overheated.

Al Ruschhaupt Park is actually rather large with two distinct sections. One has the soccer fields and disc golf course and the other area has the playground, splash pad and restrooms. The two areas are connected by a nice shady hike and bike trail.

Best Playgrounds | The Essentials – Al Ruschhaupt Park, McKinney

Where? 2708-2710 N. Brook Drive, McKinney

Restrooms? There are restrooms but the last time we visited they were locked.

All-Abilities? Yes, this is not an all-abilities playground. It is an older all-abilities playground which means the play structure is wheelchair accesible but it lacks the modern amenities and sensory activites find at playgrounds such as at Liberty Playground at Windhaven Meadows in Plano, Jack Carter playground in Plano, Ann Eisemann Inclusive playground at Cottonwood Park in Richardson.

Age? All ages.

More: https://www.mckinneytexas.org/870/Al-Ruschhaupt-Soccer

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