Plano Fire Chief Returns Home, Urges Others to Mask-up Against COVID-19

Struggling to breathe from his hospital bed, Plano Fire Chief Sam Greif Sr. says he doesn’t remember everything about his last 16 days at Medical City Hospital. But out of the fog, the 57-year-old does recall the distinctive crackling and blare of speakers through the nights. They were from the intensive care unit above his […]

Collin County May Distribute COVID-19 Vaccine at Local Stadiums

In a football town, the stadium on game nights is the place to be. In McKinney, 12,000 people gather on game nights to watch their high school football team dominate the multi-million dollar field. They cheer their teams on, sometimes wearing war paint and often waving school spirit flags to indicate their allegiance. Since 2018, […]

Murphy Police Save Lives on Christmas Morning

Murphy Police Officer Sarah Ashmore usually spent her Christmas mornings with family. As school resource officer, working the holiday shift is not her normal routine. Sergeant Jason Smith has been working for the department for 18 years, and has spent many Christmases in his patrol car while his family patiently waited for Santa Claus to […]

North Texas 13-year-old Needs Emergency Bone Marrow Transplant

What started out as a routine check-up turned into a complete nightmare. “She said, ‘I think there must have been some kind of mistake on the lab work. We need you to run it again,’” Dr. Kimberly Gronberg recalls an endocrinologist telling her, regarding her daughter’s blood work. “And then they ran it again and […]

What to Do if Your Loved One Is Hospitalized Due to COVID-19

For nearly a year, COVID-19 has been ravaging our friends, family, and neighbors. By now, we all know someone who has been hospitalized due to COVID-19. But many of us may not know what to expect when hospital staff admit our loved ones. Obviously, being by their side as they fight for their lives is […]

U.S. Attorneys in Texas Issue a Warning to Potential Violent Protesters

The Capitol riot of Jan. 6 is still making waves throughout the country. Since then, many protesters have said that they did not expect the protest to become violent. But the pro-Trump rally, which turned violent in an attempt to “Stop the Steal” and prevent President-elect Joe Biden from taking office, has left lawmakers wary. […]

Collin County COVID-19 Cases Nearly Double over Holiday Season

The holiday season looked different for many this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic as families were urged to keep their distance, but data on cases in Collin County tells a different story.  County-level data shows that COVID-19 cases in Collin County alone nearly doubled throughout the holidays, despite health officials from the Centers for […]


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