Big Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant from actor and basketball star Shaquille O’Neal, is expected to hit DFW in 2023. As many as 56 Big Chicken restaurants are expected to open across Texas, in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and Austin.

The chicken franchise expanded across the U.S. beyond the initial locations in California and Las Vegas in 2018, according to Secret Dallas. Big Chicken will be coming to the DFW as early as this year as part of a massive Texas expansion, including a Houston location set to open this month. 

“Big Chicken fuses O’Neal’s home-cooked childhood favorites with today’s trending flavors,” a statement reads. “From crispy chicken sandwiches and tenders to Cheez-It crusted mac n’ cheese and hand-crafted ice cream shakes, each menu item tells a story all the while offering guests an inside look into the life and personality of Shaquille O’Neal.”

There isn’t information as to where exactly the new locations will be set, but fans of the fast-growing chain speculate Dallas is on the map for the franchise. Collin County may not be out of the equation either, as Shaq purchased a home in the county last year. 

“I would be stunned if Plano was not in the cards,” CEO Josh Halpern told The Dallas Morning News. Plano, Frisco and Prosper have been looked into, but no leases have been signed.

Big Chicken offers a variety of sandwiches, salads, sliders and tenders. The big and sloppy consists of a fried chicken slab, mac and cheese, crispy fried onions and roasted garlic bbq aioli. But the visit won’t be complete until you try Shaq’s signature sammy, the Shaq attack, featuring fried chicken with pepper jack cheese, jalapeño slaw and spicy chipotle bbq sauce. 

Shakes and side dishes that are sure to wow the crowd can also be found on the franchise’s menu