Plano City Council met on Jan. 23. 2023, to discuss the ongoing issue of short-term rentals in the city. A growing list of issues stemming from the rentals has residents uneasy, but the council still did not vote on the issue. 

Short-term rentals are popular ways for homeowners to rent their properties in exchange for money. But those rentals caused problems in and out of Plano.

On Monday night, the council showed a list of all the complaints of short-term housing to the Plano Police Department from 2022. Police responded to 141 calls last year at 57 properties. More than 40% of those calls were about just six properties, and the majority related to partying, drugs or alcohol. 

After the brothel situation on September 23, 2022, groups such as the Texas Neighborhood Coalition are pushing the city council to implement regulations on the short-term rentals. 

At the Jan. 23 meeting the council decided to pick up the discussion next month with the city’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Local Profile previously reported that the city council continued to push back any decisions on how they will proceed with the rentals, and at last night’s meeting, they did so again. 

On Nov. 14, 2022, the city council considered a short-term rental registration ordinance but explained they would not vote on the issue until they further researched. It then came to light that city council members were receiving campaign funds from a short-term rental group. 

“The approach of city staff and council on the issues surrounding short-term rentals continues to be measured, detailed, methodical and driven by data,” Director of Media Relations Steve Stoler previously told Local Profile. “During the course of their political campaigns, city council members receive an array of contributions from across the Plano community. That said, council members make decisions as a whole based on what is best for Plano.”

But Plano councilmembers announced they would work with Arlington, as their short-term rental solution has been successful. The city also met with residents to discuss any concerns or further questions regarding short-term rentals and gave a detailed update to the Planning and Zoning Commission on Nov. 21.

The city council did not give any other information regarding an ordinance or a complete ban on short-term rentals during the recent meeting.