A barred owl was stranded, hanging on a fishing line from a tree. But McKinney locals came to the animal’s rescue. 

According to The Dallas Morning News (via Outsider), McKinney resident Mandy West saw a barred over a pond. The owl was hanging by its wing from a fishing line in a tree. After making several calls, McKinney animal services arrived to help the animal.

But authorities weren’t the only ones that arrived on the scene to help. West explained that the whole neighborhood showed up to help the endangered owl. One neighbor brought a tree-trimming tool and another brought a kayak. Another went to the community pool to search for a rescue pole. 

“Everyone came out to help,” West said. “It was a neighborhood effort.”

The water was cold and deeper than originally thought, and McKinney Animal Services knew they needed to act fast. 

“They just kept bringing us random tools,” McKinney Animal Services Officer Shelby Atkins told The Dallas Morning News. “It was a joint effort, the community was great.” 

After the group effort was successful, McKinney Animal Services took the owl to Blackland Prairie Raptor Center (BPRC) for medical care. Birds under care at the facility are not able to return to the wild and become “raptor ambassadors.” The team uses animals to educate the public about animals. 

The barred owl is still under care at the BPRC and undergoes daily bandage changes and physical therapy. 

It is likely the owl will not be able to return to  the wild, but it will be released in a limited activity enclosure once it regains strength. Eventually, the animal will be transferred to a larger enclosure where it will likely spend the rest of its life. 

BPRC is a Collin County non-profit that heavily relies on community donations and assistance. Donations to the BPRC are accepted on their website. Links can also be found with educational programs and volunteer opportunities.