The Frisco ISD board meeting brought in a large crowd and many upset parents and students. With 26 speakers who signed up to speak during the comment section of the meeting, there was only one minute allowed for each speaker to present their issues. 

Here are five things you need to know:

Trans bathrooms policy

As previously, reported by Local Profile, a vote was held determining a set policy regarding bathroom use for transgender students. The topic brought in a large crowd and many speakers spoke about their concerns.

Most speakers discussed their worry for trans youth in the district and how they will be impacted by this new policy. Several Frisco ISD students spoke as well citing their concerns for their trans classmates and how they believe this policy will negatively affect them.

“All students deserve to feel safe,” one speaker said. “No one should be a second-class citizen.” 

The board members voted 7-0 on the policy to make all students use the bathroom that matches their gender at birth. But the district will still allow for accommodations in the future.  

Book bans

Library books were another hot topic of discussion during the meeting and several parents communicated their disapproval of some books in the Frisco ISD libraries. One parent called for the removal of all books containing LGBTQ+ characters and any mention of gender identity. 

However, one student spoke to the board about how the books under review often highlight the voice of minorities, and by taking those away further silences those who are oppressed. 

“As a queer woman of color, I have had my voice suppressed in the school curriculum leading to further prejudice between the walls of the classroom,” the speaker told the board. 

The board later discussed the issue of books and had several presenters explain the current process of the review of library books. The presenters explained that central staff and librarians are working through the district’s collections to identify titles that do not meet the new guidelines, do not align with the curriculum, are not age-appropriate for a campus level and contain obscene content. 

Collin College

The board voted on an agreement to provide the opportunity for FISD high school students to concurrently enroll in college courses and programs for dual credit. The board voted to pass the agreement. 

Attendance zone modifications

Because of feedback from parents and community members, the demographic team evaluated how to best balance campus enrollment while impacting the least amount of students. From the initial proposal to the final approved zones, 17 fewer communities and 544 fewer students were impacted. The FISD administration proposed, and the Board of Trustees agreed to provide exceptions to allow some students to stay at their campus for the 2023-24 school year. The board voted 7-0 to pass the 2023-24 attendance zone modifications. 


Several recommendations were given to the board for approval of new staff at several schools. The principal of Stafford Middle School was approved, but the Principal of Griffin Middle School has not yet been decided. This decision for the principal will be made at a later meeting.

Frisco ISD board meetings are open to the public. To watch the full meeting visit the link here.