According to court documents, in September 2019 police responded to a heroin overdose on a highway in Plano, where they found a minor who was administered Narcan, a medicine used for reversing the effects of opioid overdoses. 

The victim survived and helped authorities in the case leading to the conviction of Dallas brothers Jose Antonio Carreto and Isauro Carreto-Cruz in June 2021 for the distribution of heroin. 

Investigators found the alleged immediate supplier, and from there they were able to track the brothers. A Plano police officer made the arrest when they stopped the brothers as they were transporting heroin and methamphetamine in their car. 

A report by Plano Star Courier stated that an investigation was expedited after the Plano police department received an anonymous tip saying the brothers were plotting to arrange a drive-by shooting at the victim’s grandparent’s house for his role as an informant. 

In March, Carreto-Cruz was sentenced to 78 months in federal prison and last Thursday, Jose Antonio Carreto was sentenced to thirty years. 

“As long as the scourge of heroin continues to devastate lives, so too will we continue to aggressively seek out and prosecute the perpetrators,” said acting U.S. attorney Nicholas J. Ganjei in an official statement. “Drug dealers should know that they’re not only on the hook for dealing drugs, but they’re also going to be held responsible for injuries or death stemming from their deadly wares.  With this conviction and others like it, hopefully, more lives will be saved.”

The North Texas region is labeled as a high-intensity drug trafficking area by the DEA and, as previously covered by Local Profile, Plano is on its way to surpassing 2021’s drug overdose deaths. This has led local authorities to join a national program to map overdose deaths in order to get up-to-date data on which drugs are causing overdoses.