Holy $%@! A new study finds Dallas and Fort Worth the fourth and fifth most potty-mouthed cities in the U.S. Kids in DFW were also found to start swearing at a younger age. 

The study by Preply asked respondents a series of questions about their swearing habits and those in the DFW metroplex swear far more than the average person. On average, most respondents swear about 21 times per day, but Dallas residents swear at least 25 times per day, ranking fourth in the nation. Fort Worth came in close behind at 24 swears per day. 

Congrats. Good effing job! 

But DFW is out-sweared by three other cities. Columbus, Ohio swears the most, at around 36 curse words per day. Las Vegas, Nevada is second at 30 per day and Jacksonville and Florida are third at 28 per day. 

The swearing is starting early for residents as well. WFAA reported that the average DFW resident began swearing at 10 years old, which is the second youngest nationally. Younger generations were also found by the study to curse far more often. Gen Z swears an average of 24 times every day, but Baby Boomers only swear about 10 times every day. 

Men and women show a difference in the looseness of their lips as well with men cursing more than women throughout the day. The study found that the average man swears about 22 times per day, while the average woman swears 18 times per day. 

Preply found that the situations where people curse the most are at work (69%), in front of strangers (67%) and at the dinner table (63%). But Fort Worth residents have a hard time controlling their words while driving and came in second place as the city most likely to swear during road rage. If the potty-mouth life isn’t for you, El Paso and Houston curse far less often. In fact, they ranked among the cities that curse the least. 

The study surveyed more than 1,500 residents in 30 major cities in the U.S. In order for the data to be more accurate the resident had to have lived in the city for at least one year before answering the survey.