Frisco ISD board members met on September 26 for a community input meeting. During the meeting the board listened to comments and concerns brought forth by FISD community members. 

Here is what you need to know:

Construction In Near Neighborhoods

Many of the same individuals that spoke during the city council meeting on September 20 brought their same concerns to the FISD board. Construction on Rock Hill Road is raising issues for surrounding neighborhoods. One resident who spoke was worried about the safety of his child going to and from school with the constraint flow of semi trucks coming from the construction sight. Another community member was concerned that once construction finishes there will still be a great deal of traffic from the warehouses being built. Board members agreed to speak with the city of Frisco to find a way to prioritize the children’s safety, as there are four schools near the site of construction. 

Bathroom Debate Continues

A mother of a student in the district brought her concern up again regarding trans students bathroom rights. She asked that board members and FISD employees stay out the business of students sexual identity and development and make trans kids use the bathroom that fits their birth gender. The speaker also wants the board to take action against the employees responsible for posting inappropriate posts on social media relating to sex toys and pornographic books. Another parent agreed that the board should not allow trans students to use the bathroom of their choice and also wanted FISD to not follow the rules of Title IV and not take money from the government.

Trans Students Rights

One member of the community discussed his frustration with FISD community members lack of knowledge about transgender students and brought up the fact that there have been no instances of trans students causing issues in the bathroom. He hopes to bring awareness about trans kids and disagrees with the way other members of the community are speaking about the issue. 


A father of Frisco ISD students asked the board to consider making Diwali a recognized holiday in schools. He explained that there are many families who practice the holiday and hopes schools in the district will acknowledge it in the future. 

The Frisco ISD board will continue to meet with members of the community to speak about any pressing matters. Board members will review issues that were discussed and will have a response for the speaker or district within 24 to 48 hours.