As previously covered by Local Profile, mayor Eric Johnson has been campaigning for a new NFL team to join the city of Dallas’ sports landscape. But that wasn’t just talk. 

In May 2022, after a light-hearted social media clash with Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, Johnson’s team created the committee on professional sports recruitment and retention which held its first meeting last Monday, September 13.

As explained in the memorandum released on May 17, the committee’s purpose is to assess the economic, social and infrastructural impact and needs of adding a second team to the city, as well as to develop strategies that would make Dallas attractive for new teams. All the while trying to retain the professional sports franchises that are currently based in the city.

According to CBSDFW, UNT director of sports management, Bob Heere addressed questions regarding how to plan for the building of a new stadium within city limits, parking space and accommodation for visiting fans. “If you design things, if you build new things, you have to be very careful,” said Heere. “Be like hey, how do we use this, how do we make substantial facility venue that beneficial for everyone.”

During the meeting, Johnson and his team were confident Dallas has what it takes to play in the big leagues of professional sports in America. “I do believe we have a big enough market to support two NFL teams,” said Johnson, adding “We could probably do that better than both New York and Los Angeles where pro football is not anywhere near as popular as it is here.”

Adding a second team would also perfectly align with the city’s economic development strategies. Neighboring cities have already seen the positive impact of having pro teams. Arlington’s and Frisco’s pro baseball and football teams have attracted significant developments around them. Johnson told NBCDFW, “A circle has been running around the city of Dallas by some of its neighbors when it comes to competing for professional sports.” And added, “I want us to compete.”