Pax and Beneficia has a dual focus: people and coffee. They take great pride in their craftsmanship and their open space. But this DFW coffee shop is much more than that. 

During tumultuous events, Pax makes sure to alert locals that their locations are a safe space for discussion and encourages those with differing viewpoints to have civil discourse while enjoying their specialty, locally roasted coffee. They take every opportunity to serve their community and promote kind discussion, offering free drip coffee on difficult days, such as the 2019 tornado, Hurricane Harvey, or during the events following the murder of George Floyd.  

When chatting with the Plano staff, it’s obvious how much care each employee has for their craft and their customers. New to both Pax and Beneficia and the coffee scene, barista John Morell observed how wonderful it is that P&B took not only coffee creation seriously, but also the relationships with customers. “Excellence starts with the quality of coffee, which leads to excellence for the customer,” he explains. “We also strive for excellence in each other.”  

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Pax and Beneficia’s newest location opened this past weekend off of Alma and Plano Parkway, right next to Rodeo Goat, which also just opened a brand new location of their own in Frisco, Texas.  

The aroma of the espresso is extremely pleasant and easy for the patron to pick out. The rules regarding cologne and fragrances in the store enable the customer to enjoy the freshly ground espresso smell before sipping on it in their cortado, latte or even their specialty Turkish-style coffee, a boiling method with no filter, meaning the grounds are still in the coffee for a much richer and more decadent experience. 

“Respect for the customers starts with respect for the coffee — you can’t have one without the other,” says Morell.  

Head Roaster Trey Chrisostom echoes this sentiment, adding, “What makes Pax different from other shops are the customers. We’ve done a lot of hard work to cultivate a community that regularly visits our shops, not for the coffee, but for new people to meet and develop relationships.” Chrisostom also agrees with Morell’s note about promoting excellence with one another; the three-year company and coffee culture veteran says that it has been a pleasure witnessing the growth not only in the company but also in himself.  

With several armchairs, tables, and a signature neon logo on the wall, the familiar interiors of their Las Colinas and Grapevine locations are echoed in Plano. The brightly lit space is perfect for work, meetings, or just hanging out over an incredible cup of joe. Be sure to deeply inhale at the counter, and order a familiar favorite — or try something new!

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