Frisco ISD recently apologized for sharing an illustration with the imagery on social media. The post was shared on August 19 and since has gained attention from parents in the district and Rep. Jared Patterson.

The illustration not only featured a sex toy but included the following text: “There’s no shame in the self-love game” as well as “Toys can help you overcome sexual anxiety.” Frisco ISD initially stated that its account had been hacked, but later apologized for the image. WFAA reported that the social media post was shared after a staff member did not read the text before posting. 

The apology, which was posted on the Frisco ISD Government Affairs Facebook, reads: 

On Friday, in response to a tweet from Representative Jared Patterson about inappropriate content shared from a campus social media account, we shared another post from that account stating that the inappropriate content was shared because the account was hacked. Later that afternoon, we learned that the account was not hacked and the post with that information was not true. As a result, we deleted our reply tweet because we did not want to continue sharing what we had learned was inaccurate information.

Over the past several days, District and campus administrators determined that a staff member reposted the content from another account believing it to be content about self care without actually reading the text of the post. Later, when the staff member realized their mistake, they removed the post and posted that the account had been hacked. When District and campus administrators learned that was not true, the entire account was disabled.

We sincerely apologize for re-sharing the inaccurate post. We were attempting to respond quickly with what we believed to be true information. In the future, we will verify such posts from other District accounts prior to re-sharing them.” 

As Local Profile previously reported, Rep. Patterson previously had run-ins with Frisco ISD.  “Parents, teachers, and taxpayers should be able to expect a proactive approach toward pulling explicit materials,” Rep. Patterson stated in regards to books containing explicit content in Frisco ISD libraries. 

Another apology was issued by the counseling team at Emerson High School and was posted on their Instagram on August 23, reads:

We want to clarify and apologize for recent activity on this account. We mistakenly reshared content that does not reflect our values or those of our campus or district. We intended to share information about self-care and did not full review the material before sharing. That should not have occurred. After realizing the nature of the content, we posted that this account had been hacked, which was not true. We regret the incident and the way we responded. We commit to doing better in the future.

Update: Frisco ISD told Local Profile that guidelines related to employee use of social media have been updated, and additional training will be provided regarding best communication practices.

This story has been updated to reflect a response from Frisco ISD about the incident.