If you’re looking for the best playgrounds in Plano, get ready because here they are!

In terms of Plano playgrounds, there are many to choose from and, of course, there are lots of small neighborhood playgrounds. But when you’re looking for something extra special, these are the 10 best playgrounds in Plano worth visiting over and over again.

Or, if you’re willing to drive beyond Plano, click here for our list of the best playgrounds in Collin County.

Liberty playground at windhaven meadows park in plano is one of the best playgrounds in plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

Liberty Playground At Windhaven Meadows Park, Plano

Liberty Playground is thoughtfully laid out, colorful and has variety for kids of all ages. Plus, according to the City of Plano website, it “exceeds Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.” Thoughtful inclusions for children of all abilities, the park includes play structures and seesaws that are accessible by wheelchair.

There’s also a 1,800 square ft. splash area modeled on a creek that is typically open from the first week in April through to mid-October.

Windhaven Meadows Park, Plano
5400 Windhaven Parkway, Plano | Restrooms are available on-site

Jack carter all-abillities playground in plano is one of the best playgrounds in plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

Jack Carter All-Abilities Playground, Plano

The Jack Carter playground is designed for children of all abilities to play, learn and grow together, and it offers a variety of sensory experiences for healthy development. The all-abilities playground at Jack Carter Park opened in 2017, thanks in part to a $50,000 donation by Plano Rotary Club.

This park even has volleyball courts which the littles love to use as a giant sandpit!

Jack Carter Park, Plano
2800 Maumelle Drive, Plano | Restrooms adjacent to the playground

Buckhorn park in plano has one of the best playgrounds in the area. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

Buckhorn Park, Plano

The playground at Buckhorn Park in Plano is such a hidden gem—undoubtedly, this is one of the best playgrounds in Plano! Not only does it have three almost-brand new play structures but it also has large shaded areas.

One of the play structures is three stories and features huge slides, as well as lots of fun climbing opportunities, while the central playground includes some really unique ramps that your littles will love to run up and over. Plus, there is a set of swings covered by a shade pavilion. The third play structure is for smaller children (2-5) and includes drums, climbing, a little “kids-only” playhouse and slides.

Buckhorn Park, Plano
3601 Mission Ridge Road, Plano | No restrooms on-site

This plano playground is at preston meadow park, plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

Nautical theme playground at Preston Meadow Park, Plano

There’s a lot to like about the large playground at Preston Meadow Park in Plano. It’s partially shaded, has a very large pavilion, restrooms and the two main play structures are wheelchair accessible.

Both of the play structures have a nautical theme with the primary colors being blue and green and each one is reminiscent of a boat. Kids can enjoy pretending they’re sailors or pirates.

Preston Meadow Park, Plano
4243 Lorimar Drive, Plano | Restrooms on-site

The tank at the tank playground at liberty park, plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

Liberty Park, Plano (The Tank Playground)

Liberty Park in Plano is an ordinary neighborhood playground with one special feature—an M41-A3 Walker Bulldog tank. The tank sits within the actual playground area and has been slightly modified to add a ladder so that kiddos can climb all over. It’s a lot of fun for photos and for imaginative play.

The rest of the playground at Liberty Park is rather ordinary. There are two play structures, one for older kids and one for younger kids, as well as a swing set.

Liberty Park, Plano
1200 Mill Valley Drive, Plano | No restrooms on-site

It may not be brightly colored, but this is one of the best playgrounds in plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

The Playground At Bobwoodruff Park, Plano

Bob Woodruff Park has a big, fun playground. You’ll notice from the above photo that this playground is not new, so it’s not going to win any accolades for having the brightest colors or the latest and greatest in sensory gadgets. But it’s pretty extensive with lots to do. And you can’t complain about the beautiful view of the lake. Can you imagine a better setting for a picnic?

Bob Woodruff Park, Plano
2601 San Gabriel Drive, Plano | Restrooms on-site

Find this fun plano playground at arbor hills nature preserve, plano. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

The Playground at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve

We like the playground at Arbor Hills Nature Preserve because it’s located directly on one of the nature trails. So if you’re looking to also go for a run or walk, it’s easy to tie both activities into a visit to Arbor Hills in Plano. It’s also a large park with some shade and separate play areas for small and older children.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve has nine miles of hiking trails and off-road biking paths which is perfect for enjoying some sunshine with the family.

Arbor Hills Nature Preserve
6701 W Parker Rd, Plano | Restrooms on-site

The playground at big lake park, plano. It’s not one of the best playgrounds in plano because of the play structures but rather because of its location on a beautiful lake and the chisolm trail. Photo: rebecca silvestri | local profile

The Playground at Big Lake Park

There’s a lot to love about Big Lake Park. As the name suggests, Big Lake Park has a big lake. In fact, the lake is so large that the actual park only stretches along one small part of it. The Chisolm Trail—popular for walking, running and biking—runs along the lake.

The playground itself is not a stand out like, for example, the playground at Windhaven Meadows, but it is fun. There are slides, play structures, musical toys and swings. There is also a wobbly school bus that the kids love to ride. Plus, the view of the lake is gorgeous and there are some nice picnic tables in the shade.

(Heads up: Don’t feed the ducks and turtles as that’s not allowed.)

If you’re looking to add a walk to your playground adventure, head north along the Chisolm Trail from the playground at Big Lake Park. It should take about 10-15 minutes to reach another small playground off of Old Orchard Drive and between Wagonwheel and Cathedral Drive. Even further north along the Chisolm Trail, you’ll find Memorial Park which includes Plano Veterans Memorial Park, another small playground and restrooms. And, if you keep going, you’ll eventually get to Jack Carter Park with the all-abilities playground.

Big Lake Park
3800 Rainier Road, Plano | No restrooms on-site

Concept for russell creek park in plano. Image courtesy of the city of plano.

The Playground and Splash Pad at Russell Creek Park

There’s a lot to be excited about for the new Russell Creek Park in Plano. When Russell Creek Park reopens later this year, we’re expecting it to have one of the best playgrounds in Plano. Plus, as you can see from the above concept plan, this park will have some great additional facilities such as a large splash pad, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts and multiple pavilions.

According to the City of Plano, the playground is due to reopen in fall 2022.

Russell Creek Park (currently closed)
3500 McDermott Road, Plano | Restrooms on site

Central Market Playground

The Central Market in south Plano has a really fun outside playground! The playground also has picnic tables. It’s a great spot for everyone to decompress after a shopping trip.

Central Market Plano
320 Coit Rd, Plano | Restrooms on site

To find more playgrounds and parks visit Plano Parks and Recreation here.

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