What’s your travel personality?

Do you immerse yourself in other cultures “Eat, Pray, Love” style? Do you get a thrill from a backpack on your shoulders and a wild, uninhabited trail ahead of you? Do you crave a hot cup of coffee in your hands as you recharge in a tranquil cabin? Do you have a bingo-card of Insta-worthy landmarks to hit? Or do you simply want the feel of sand between your toes and the lulling sound of waves on a shore?

However you like to get away from the exciting (but often wearing) bustle of North Texas, take a trip that’s as you as it gets with these favorite Texas getaway destinations accessible to the northernmost parts of our great state.

Weekend getaways in Texas – For the beach bum

beautiful,beach,view,at,south,padre,island,with,wooden,pier, weekend getaways in texas, texas weekend getaway
Beautiful beach view at South Padre Island.

South Padre Island proves that Galveston isn’t all there is when it comes to coastlines in Texas. This 34-mile stretch of barrier island along the gulf has been named one of the cleanest beaches in Texas — a beautiful surprise for any Texan whose only beach experience is Galveston.

little elm beach dfw surf
Paddleboard fun from Little Elm Beach | Courtesy of DFW Surf

Looking for a more intimate beach home experience? Little Elm Beach is a sandy weekend escape that sits snuggled on the shores of Lake Lewisville. DFW Surf, where you can rent kayaks, paddleboards and bikes, is located nearby. We’ve scouted out four of the best Airbnbs near Little Elm Beach for you to stay at during your getaway.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the wine & diner

fredericksburg, wine country, vineyard, texas wines, travel, texas weekend getaway, weekend getaway in texas

The historic town of Fredericksburg lies past cacti, native wildflowers and the occasional armadillo on the winding roads of the Texas Hill Country. The city has a rich history, but everyone in town knows that’s not the main attraction. Thousands of people flock to Fredericksburg for one thing: Texas wine. Read more of our writer’s tour of notable vineyards and wineries at this not-so-hidden gem of Texas getaways.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the outdoor adventurer

shutterstock 1504296464

Big Bend National Park spans hundreds of thousands of acres in Southwest Texas, swallowing an entire mountain range, slices of the Rio Grande, and endless desert.

Adventurers canoe through Santa Elena Canyon, where over time, water has carved great halls out of stone. At some places, canyon walls tower over a thousand feet above the Rio Grande. They stop to explore side canyons, and eat lunch on sandbars, protected in calm currents. Or, they hike, some ambitiously on the 30-mile Outer Mountain Loop.

Important note: make sure you talk to park rangers to take advantage of guided tours and to plan safe travel. Big Bend is not kind to unprepared travelers. 

Weekend getaways – for the cabin fever

broken bow, broken bow cabins, broken bow oklahoma
One of the gorgeous Broken Bow cabins | Image courtesy of Glamcations

We’ve got cabin fever, and we’re all going mad over these cabin getaways.

First up, let’s talk about Broken Bow, Oklahoma. Considered the Hamptons of North Texas, Broken Bow is just under 3 hours from Collin County. It’s a perfect change of scenery. Plus, you’ll find every type of cabin in the area: upscale, simple, one bedroom, 6 bedroom, tons of amenities, or just a few.

the nest skybox cabins texas
The Nest | Courtesy of Skybox cabins

Looking for a cabin with more small town trappings? In the clearwater cradle of the Paluxy River, you’ll find Glen Rose. The small town’s claim to fame is its natural parks, historic downtown, swimming holes only the locals know, and most importantly, dinosaur tracks. It’s also where the owners of Skybox Cabins, Yvan and Kristin, chose to build their personal paradise—because life is too short to defer dreams. 

palo duro canyon cabin
Courtesy of TPWD

How about more exciting terrain for a cabin stay? The second biggest canyon in the United States is the Palo Duro Canyon in Texas. Around 120 miles long, 20 miles wide, and 800 feet deep, Palo Duro Canyon is one of the most stunning geological marvels in the state. The best way to enjoy Palo Duro Canyon is to stay overnight. The Sorenson, Lighthouse, and Goodnight cabins were built by the CCC in the 1930s.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the ‘Gram

marfa prada, marfa texas

Marfa, Texas should be unremarkable. Instead, it’s an artistic paradise on the Texas edge of the Rio Grande. It is a center of culture where dozens of artists—and even more tourists—come to find themselves and collect pins, bongs, and bumper stickers.

Marfa has a little of everything: history, art, and mysteries all grow in the liminal West Texas wilds. At Hotel Paisano, where the cast and crew of Giant once stayed during filming, guests can walk in the footsteps of Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, and James Dean. There’s even an art project that’s a lonely faux outpost of a Prada boutique outfitted with bags and shoes. Insta-worthy? Absolutely.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the rugged explorer

caddo lake 018

In far East Texas, sharing a border with Louisiana, lies Caddo Lake. This extensive piece of Cypress swamp doesn’t look like Texas: tall, old cypress trees kneel in the water while Spanish moss hangs from the limbs. It’s not wide or speedboat-friendly, and it wasn’t built for Fourth of July celebrations and kids learning to waterski. Instead, it’s a twisted gumbo bowl of bayous, ponds, canals and creeks. Only the people who live on the shores in remote, half-flooded towns like Uncertain, TX, know how to navigate it.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the culture vulture

see a rodeo at cowtown coliseum when you visit the fort worth stockyards!
See a rodeo at Cowtown Coliseum when you visit the Fort Worth Stockyards!

In the heart of the Fort Worth Stockyards, Cowtown Coliseum stands as an unassuming historic monument to the legacy of its true Texas cowboys. It’s certainly one of the more historically interesting spots to get your fill of bull riding and calf roping, especially if it’s the Stockyards Championship Rodeo.Find out why it’s absolutely worth the day trip trip for your first (or 100th) Texas rodeo experience.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the boater

texas lakes
A marina at Lake Texoma, one of the best Texas Lakes out there! | Courtesy of the Lake Texoma Association.

For fishing in the early hours of the morning and skimming over waves on a jet ski, the number of lakes in Texas brim to more than 150. Country houses nestled on wooded lakeshores are growing more popular as families escape the noise of the city in exchange for weekends by the water.

Below you’ll find a list of the 12 most beautiful and most fun Texas lakes we could find in our home state… just for North Texans!


We especially recommend Highport Marina on Lake Texoma for a thrilling boating experience. Highport Marina offers a variety of slips to keep your boat. In addition, Highport Marina offers pontoon boat and jet ski rentals. They also offer tube, wakeboard and ski rentals for the day.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the luxury-lover

a single room at the westin stonebriar resort & golf club.
A single room at the Westin Stonebriar Resort & Golf Club.

Are you a “hang at the hotel” person? Hey, that’s a getaway in our book! You might enjoy a staycation at The Westin Dallas Stonebriar Golf Resort & Spa. For only $210, you and the family can spend a day in luxury.

Weekend getaways – for the hill country escapist

castle faulkenstein texas hill county airbnb
Castle Falkenstein. | Shutterstock

Like the cabins we mentioned earlier, these Texas Hill Country escapes will take you to another world. Especially Castle Falkenstein, a wonder of an event venue, family home, and AirBnB standout inspired by Bavarian castles after these two builders took a trip to Neuschwanstein Castle in Southwest Germany.

jl bar ranch

The city of Sonora can be found between central Texas and the Big Bend Region, where Interstate 10 and Highway 277 meet. Limestone formations, native juniper and oak trees, and the rolling hills complement the small town.

But nestled among the hills of this idyllic getaway lies the crown gem of rustic luxury to top off this hill country escape: JL Bar Ranch, Resort & Spa, a resort which boasts 16 standalone luxury cabins and 16 spacious guest rooms with premium amenities.

Weekend getaways in Texas – for the homebody

the neathery estate
The Neathery Estate.

Would you rather not travel too far? Never fear; these bed and breakfasts await you right here in North Texas. From McKinney, to Dallas, to Fort Worth, these are our fave spots for when we need a getaway that’s not faraway.

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