On January 30, at 8:50 am, a house fire in Frisco erupted on the 11900-block of Tyler Drive.

Frisco rescue personnel arrived as smoke billowed from the open front door. The officers called into the home to no response.

They circled the perimeter searching for the one person reported to be trapped inside the home, and found a 15-year-old boy trapped in the second story of the house. From the ground, in the backyard, the officers worked to keep the boy calm as they relayed the information to Frisco firefighters, who arrived in under six minutes of being dispatched.

The boy reported “random noises”, clarified by officers as “popping sounds” while they waited.

Seconds, later, footage from one of the officer’s bodycam shows the firefighters climbing a ladder (in the limited space of ground between the house and a pool in the yard). Windows explosively shattered from the intense heat as the firefighters and carried the boy down to safety… moments before red-orange flames began engulfing the back of the house.

Approximately ten seconds after the rescue, it got even more dramatic. Large flames engulfed the rear of the house, preventing personnel and the teen from escaping through the backyard gate. The firefighters carried the boy away from the burning home, and broke down a section of the home’s fence to get to safety.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation, though reports are saying that the fire started in the kitchen.

The 15-year-old teen who was trapped got transported by Frisco FD EMS, and then released from a local hospital the same day.  

The whole rescue on video

Here’s the whole video of the rescue, captured from a Frisco police officer’s bodycam:

  • Timestamp 00:19 is when the officers arrived to smoke billowing out of the front door.
  • Timestamp 02:44 is the moment the 15-year-old trapped inside opens his second floor window.
  • Timestamp 03:20 is when the teen reports “noises”
  • Timestamp 03:40 is the moment the fire starts to intensify, windows shatter from heat
  • Timestamp 04:18 is when firefighters brought the teenager down to safety as the house fire in Frisco intensifies
  • Timestamp 04:53 – 05:50 is when the rescue personnel and teenager escape being trapped in the backyard and get to safety
  • Timestamp 05:55 is when the boy’s father arrives at the scene
YouTube video

The rescue personnel will be honored

The City of Frisco announced on February 10 that the rescue personnel involved with the rescue from the fire in Frisco — dispatchers, responding officers and firefighters — will be formally honored for their heroism in an upcoming ceremony.

“This rescue demonstrates the commitment our Firefighters have to save lives under the most dangerous conditions,” Frisco Fire Chief Mark Piland said.

Frisco Police Chief David Shilson echoed Chief Piland’s sentiments. “This incident is a great demonstration of the collaboration between our police and fire departments, who train tirelessly in the interest of Frisco’s public safety.”

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