boba republic offers an ecletic selection of coffee, tea, frappes and boba tea | image courtesy of boba republic
Boba Republic offers an eclectic selection of coffee, tea, frappes and tea | Image courtesy of Boba Republic

Boba Republic
Plano – 100 Legacy Dr #102, Plano, TX 
Allen – 975 TX-121 #160, Allen, TX

Winter date season is upon us. Either that, or we’re just dying to get out of the house. Whether you’re single, taken or playing the field, Boba Republic is a great spot to get to know each other; or to gather your thoughts as you write, draw and create things that bring you joy.

With locations in Allen and Plano, Boba Republic serves up tea, coffee and other Asian-inspired beverages. So whether you’re meeting up with a date, sitting alone and working on projects, or picking up hot beverages for a winter movie night with your besties, this place is bound to become your new favorite chill spot!

Here are some drinks that will satisfy your coffee and tea cravings this winter.

Thai Tea

Some like it hot. Others like it cold. Either way, Boba Republic will serve their Thai Tea at the temperature of your choosing. This smokey, black tea beverage is mixed with a creamer, giving it a soft, lush taste. Plus, it makes for a great caffeine boost to start your day. 

Taro Milk Tea

For lighter tea drinkers, the Taro Milk Tea is a sweet Jasmine tea. It comes blended with Boba Republic’s syrup, made in house, along with taro flavoring. Then, it is finished off with soy milk, ideal for our non-dairy readers!

boba republic offers both cold and hot boba beverages | image courtesy of boba republic
Boba Republic offers both cold and hot beverages | Image courtesy of Boba Republic

Vietnamese Coffee Frap

Everyone’s talking about Vietnamese coffee these days. So why not try it in the form of a classic frappucino? The Vietnamese Coffee Frap is a mix of Vietnamese coffee, ice cream and Boba Republic’s in-house sweetener. Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth.

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