If you’re wondering whether the holiday experience that combines Snow Day Dallas and Santaland at Galleria Dallas is actually kid-friendly, the answer is yes … and no.

It really depends on what you’re looking for in the experience!

Let me explain, and then you can decide for yourself if Snowday Dallas would be a fun Christmas activity for your family.

As a family of 4 with a 3 year old and a 5 year old, I was a little hesitant as I thought perhaps the event was too “adult.” And, honestly, I also wondered if it was worth the ticket price.

Turns out that it really is kid-friendly, we had a blast and came out with some awesome family photos—including some super cute portraits with Santa!

It’s important to note that Snowday and Santaland are two separate experiences which can be combined with a combo ticket. Below you’ll find a quick summary of both as well as our experience.

What is Santaland at Galleria Dallas?

This experience includes your ride on the Santaland Express (simulated, of course), a walk through a magical forest and your photo opportunity and visit with Santa. Pricing varies depending on the number of photos you want but starts at $28 per family and that includes 2 prints.

What is Snowday Dallas?

This is the “Instagram” museum experience, Christmas-themed. Here you will find lots of photo opps that you can take for yourself as well as professionally staged photobooth-style spots. Adult tickets are $34 and children 4-12 pay $12.

Santaland + Snowday at Galleria Dallas

There is a fun option to combine both experiences: first ride on the Santaland Express and visit with Santa and then explore Snowday and get even more great Christmas photos with your family (or friends!). Unfortunately, there isn’t an actual combo special price. The combo ticket is just the Snowday ticket plus whichever photo package you select for your Santaland visit.

The below outlines our experience at Santaland and Snowday Dallas so that you can decide for yourself which option would be best for your family.

This is one of the Santa portraits we got from our visit to Santaland at Galleria Dallas

What to expect: Santaland Galleria

The Santaland Galleria experience is basically a “mall Santa” experience but much more magical! Here’s what to expect:

The Train (Santaland Express)

All aboard! First up you step onto the Santaland Express, take your seat while the train engine revs and steam rises up around the windows. Once the train starts “moving” (this is all simulated, of course), an elf appears to talk you through the journey as Christmas scenes with lots of snow and even fairies can be seen through the windows. The simulation is really well done and while no adult will think the train is actually moving, your kiddos might and they’ll squeal with delight when the fairies fly by! This isn’t an official photo spot, but have your camera ready, we captured some adorable pictures of our littles captivated at the scenes out the “window”.

Through the magical forest to Santa!

Stepping of the train, a pathway leads you through a glittery forest of Christmas trees. Then the trees part to reveal … Santa! Reclining in his chair, surrounded by presents and with bells on his big black boots, Santa awaits to hear what your littles want for Christmas and to pose for a photo, of course!

This photo with Santa was designed with COVID in mind so there’s no sitting on Santa’s lap, instead there’s a bench where you and your kiddos can sit next to Santa. The entire room is very well designed and the result is a super cute family photo that you’ll cherish.

If you do not buy a combo ticket Santaland and Snowday and only buy a Santaland ticket, your experience ends here. After your visit and photos with Santa you will exit the experience to pick-up your pre-purchased prints.

Snowday Dallas at the Galleria Dallas.

What to expect: Snowday Dallas

The Snowday Dallas experience is an “Instagram Museum” designed for endless fun and uniquely “Instagrammable” photo opportunities.

While there are plenty of spots to take your own photos using your own camera, what we really liked was that there were multiple pre-designed photo opps that take a photo for you on a timer. These photos are professional quality, with perfect lighting and excellent framing. Plus they’re automatically sent to your phone.

A few highlights of Snowday Dallas include:

  • Mirrors and Christmas Lights
    Everyone’s favorite! This space is a maze of mirrors with multi-colored light strings hanging from the ceiling. A great spot to capture adorable photos, plus your kids will love playing here!
  • Retro RV
    Of course, the retro RV is designed as a photo opp but your kids will most likely prefer pretending to drive and cook in the kitchen.
  • Glittery frame photo spot
    Around the corner from the RV and right across from the maze of mirrors and lights, is a little cubby hiding a fun photo spot. At first glance it doesn’t look like much but this pre-designed photo opp makes great photos! Just scan your wrist band, smile and a great family photo with a glittering Christmas background and frame is yours.
  • Christmas street
    At first glance, this looks like a simple passageway, but it’s actually a pre-designed photo spot. Look for the wrist band scanner on the wall and then look straight forward for the camera.

So, is Santaland / Snowday Dallas kid-friendly?

Yes, Santaland is kid-friendly. Santaland at Galleria Dallas is the perfect option to get great photos with Santa. The price is comparable to all other Santa experiences and actually includes more since you get the fun simulated train ride plus the cute stroll through the magical forest.

If you and your kids love posing for photos, Snowday is a lot of fun. However, Snowday is more expensive and it can be challenging to keep track of your kids since there are multiple rooms. If you have older kids and have the money, Snowday is a really fun Christmas activity and you’ll love the photos.

The lights and mirror rooms is one of the many fun photo oppportunities inside Snowday Dallas at Galleria mall.

If your funds are limited, and/or you are not interested in more photos beyond a Santa portrait then you may want to consider spending your Christmas pennies on another experience such as Lights on the Farm in Plano, Enchant Dallas or Radiance in Frisco.

All in all, we really enjoyed our experience and Snowday and SantaLand. We left with some fun Christmas memories, a traditional Santa portrait as well as multiple other beautiful Christmas photos.

Reserve your tickets for Santaland and/or Snowday at Galleria Dallas at snowdaydallas.com

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