When you choose to support Soap Hope, you are impacting the lives of individuals with disabilities. 100% of profits from your purchase are utilized to help My Possibilities with education, vocational training, job placement, and continued support to people with disabilities.

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About Soap Hope

On April 8, 2020 My Possibilities announced a new merger with an e-commerce retailer Soap Hope. At first, Soap Hope was just known around My Possibilities as that “funny little soap thing.”

The idea first was discussed in 2019, brought to the table by Salah Boukadoum, one of Soap Hope’s founders and a social philanthropist. Soap Hope has been an online retailer offering thousands of natural home and body care products like soap for home delivery, serving U.S. customers online. The merger has been a year in the making.

Soap Hope will now serve as a curriculum for HIPsters and employ them in job roles throughout the organization, including in the warehouse, shipping, and assembly. Profits generated by the social enterprise will help fund the nonprofit’s work. It will be a cycle of training, employment, and pouring back into the program.

Take care of christmas gift shopping, and support my possibilities through soap hope this year!

About My Possibilities

My Possibilities is a Plano-based, non-profit 501(c)(3) which serves as a leader in vocational education for adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities throughout North Texas.

“Adults with IDD need a voice,” says My Possibilities Executive Director Micheal Thomas. “They’re already such a hidden population. We have to remember in times like this that as challenging as it is for us, it’s harder for them.”

It was with that disparity in mind that local parents of adults with Intellectual Development Disabilities (IDD) founded My Possibilities in 2007. Since then, the nonprofit has created avenues where adults with special needs can receive what the rest of the population already gets: continuing education and vocational training.

Now, My Possibilities has become a community of its own, where adults with IDD are appreciated for their abilities, rather than excluded because of their differences. To learn more about My Possibilities, visit mypossibilities.org.