Craving something by the sea, even though we’re landlocked in Texas? Here’s the best seafood you can find in McKinney!

We might not live by the ocean, but that doesn’t mean we can’t find a good catch in North Texas! Whether it’s fried, blackened, or steamed and dipped in butter, seafood’s versatility is just one of the many reasons we reel it in wherever we can find it.

Maybe you like to throw on a paper bib and feast on a spicy cajun combo in a casual space that has personality. Maybe you’d rather dress up, sip something white, and order a fresh catch that was flown in that day. 

Whatever your seafood-style, McKinney has you covered. Seas the day!

Best seafood in McKinney #1: Storming Crab

2050 W University Dr., Suite 700

Courtesy of Storming Crab.

Bib up and get ready for some deliciously messy Cajun food! Bringing all the Cajun flavors from Louisiana, Storming Crab offers tons of casual seafood and hand-crafted cocktails in a beachy atmosphere. Bonus – you’re allowed to write a message on the wall! Maybe you’ll want to boast how much crawfish you ate – it can be ordered by the pound, half pound or as part of Storming Crab’s signature dinner combos. Crab legs, claws, corn, potatoes, shrimp, oysters…there’s so much to feast on here (and we’re serious about the bib). 

Best seafood in McKinney #2: Urban Grill and Wine Bar

218 E. Louisiana Ste. 300

Courtesy of Urban Grill and Wine Bar.

This family-operated, upscale eatery is nestled in downtown McKinney and offers gourmet comfort food and boutique wines plus a welcoming variety of dishes like sandwiches, steaks and succulent seafood. Urban Grill and Wine Bar suggests you try their Spicy Seafood Jambalaya, Copper River Salmon, or Norwegian Skei. Don’t miss the Catch of the Day or the Seafood Linguine. 

Best seafood in McKinney #3: Rockfish Seafood Grill

2780 S Central Expy

Courtesy of Rockfish Seafood Grill.

If it swims, they probably have it. We like places that are consistent, and this casual, neighborhood restaurant fits the bill. Dallas-based Rockfish Seafood Grill has ten Texas locations, each of which offer fresh, delicious tasting seafood at reasonable prices. Go super casual with a Shrimp Basket, Fish Tacos, and a Rock-a-Rita margarita. Try something from the Fish Market or the rotating medley of specials posted daily on chalkboards.

Best seafood in McKinney #4: Super Shack McKinney

2901 S Central Expy

The Mojarra dish from super shack McKinney. See why this is some of the best seafood in McKinney? | Courtesy of Super Shack McKinney

Budget-friendly fish baskets abound at Super Shack, but they also have oysters on the grill, snow crab legs, and hearty seafood pasta. It’s casual dining with a robust menu that will definitely prompt you to say, “here, fishy, fishy, fishy…” Super Shack also seems to understand that around here, there’s always room for a little Tex-Mex. They have tacos, tostadas, and fajitas on the menu for those who’d rather eat off the land.

Best seafood in McKinney #5: Rick’s Chophouse

107 North Kentucky

This lobster from Rick’s Chophouse is the best seafood in McKinney that you can’t miss. | Courtesy of Rick’s Chophouse

You’ll find Rick’s Chophouse inside of the Grand Hotel and Ballroom in downtown McKinney. This is where you’ll get fancy with your seafood and really feel the flavors of the ocean. In addition to Rick’s succulent steaks, the menu offers Alaskan King Crab, Escargot, Diver Scallops, Sea Bass, and other upscale seafood selections. Pair your choice with a Chophouse salad and a specialty cocktail.

Feeling daring? Spice up your seafood routine with some Cajun food!

Nicole Barron

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