If you’re looking for some of the best playgrounds in the area, there’s 3 in Little Elm that are out of this world.

These are the three best playgrounds in Little Elm, Texas:

  1. Woodland themed playground at Beard Park
  2. Space Station Playground at McCord Park
  3. Beach Playground at Little Elm Beach

Since COVID-19 changed our lives upside down, my family and I have spent the last 18 months visiting a different playground every weekend. These 3 in Little Elm top our list of the best playgrounds in DFW. Not only are they each uniquely great playgrounds but they all make for great day trips because there’s something else to do in each location.

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Beard park in little elm is a woodland fantasy themed playground | best playgrounds in little elm

Best Playgrounds in Little Elm #1: Beard Park

Beard Park in Little Elm is super cute and a lot of fun for little ones. The entire playground is woodland themed, with adorable wood benches, “log” slides and my favorite: little woodland creatures hidden throughout so that you can go on an “animal hunt”.

Peak-a-boo! Kids of all ages and sizes can climb in and out of the “family tree” at beard park | best playgrounds in little elm

The main structure is a tree with a tree house and two slides: one for big kids and one for little kids. Entry to the tree is on multiple levels, small children can toddler in and out on the ground, meanwhile there’s also stairs, wooden stepping pillars and a rope bridge they can climb across.

Play log “kids only” log cabin at beard park | best parks in little elm

Other features include a large music area, a picnic pavilion, a wooden “kids only” cabin, merry-go-round, as well as two additional woodland structures with slides and rope bridges.

There’s even a historic log cabin.

Beard park, little elm is woodland themed and one of the best playgrounds in the area for both young and older kids

So, what else is there to do at Beard Park? I’m glad you asked because the answer is a lot! Here’s our top picks:

  1. A hiking trail which leads out from the back of the park joins to Little Elm’s Lakefront Trail, a 4-mile trail on crushed granite which runs from Hula Hut all the way to McCord Park (see below).
  2. Directly adjacent to Beard Park is a Mexican restaurant called Los Jalapeños, a traditional Mexican which also serves some Tex-Mex. The nachos and and margaritas are excellent and perfect for before or after a trip to this Little Elm playground. However, what makes Los Jalapeños special is that it has some more unusual dishes you don’t find elsewhere such as Costillas de Puerco, a spicy pork dish in a green tomatillo sauce and a spicy seafood soup. They have a nice patio, too.
  3. A short walk west out of Beard Park, along Lakefront Trail, you will find Hydrous Wake Park. If you and your kids are adventurous you can wake board, or, you can just sit on the grass verge surrounding the pond and watch. The jumps and tricks are mesmerizing.

Beard Park

310 E. Eldorado Pkwy, Little Elm, TX 75068
Suitable for all ages | Restrooms available on site.

Space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. Best suited for older kids, 5 and above.

Best Playgrounds in Little Elm #2: Space Station Playground at McCord Park

The photographs of Space Station Playground probably tell you all you need to know about this one: it’s big, it’s fun, it’s really exciting and adventurous. Your kids will love it and will beg to come back time and again.

This unique playground isn’t technically space-themed but something about this towering hexagonal structure led us to nickname it “Space Station playground”. Just look at the photos, don’t you agree? Plus, it’s a nice easy name for your kids to remember and get excited about. After all, how can they not be excited about going to “Space Station playground”?

The playground itself is pretty simple. The base is slightly bouncy, a bit like a trampoline which your little astronauts can bounce along to reach the two pillars from which they can ascend into the main structure. Each of the pillars have a simple step ladder which is relatively high off the crowd. A nervous child may need “spotting” or a little extra encouragement to get them up the first few times. It’s also large enough for an adult to climb up too, if you want.

Space station playground at mccord in little elm is one of the best playgrounds around. Best suited for older kids, 5 and above.

Once inside the structure, it really does feel like a space ship or space station. On one side there are vertical obstacles from floor to ceiling which kids can imagine are laser beams. On the other side there are obstaclesalong the ground, creating a wobbly floor effect a little like a rope bridge.

At the top, you find the entryway to a big, long metallic slide.

From this description and the photos, you’ll probably have deducted that this playground is not ideal for younger children. We have a 3 year old and a 5 year old, our 5 year old loves it but our 3 year old isn’t able to climb up alone. While every child is different, as a rule of thumb, this playground is probably better for children age 5 and over.

Nearby there are two small shaded picnic areas.

Space Station Playground is located within McCord Park, a huge city park which also has a dog park, fishing pond, disc golf, another playground and a really fantastic splash pad, complete with water slide.

There’s so much to do at McCord Park you can spend hours and hours here. Plus, right nearby is Detour Donuts, easily one of the best donut shops in the area.

Space Station Playground at McCord Park

1001 Witt Rd, Little Elm. (To find the Space Station, turn right along the trail and walk about 100 meters.)
Suitable for age 5+ | Restrooms available at the parking lot next to the splash pad

Best Playground in Little Elm #3: Little Elm Park (Lakefront & Johnny Broyles Nature Trail)

Zip-lines and numerous fun and unique climbing structures abound at Little Elm Park. The big attraction for this playground is its proximity to Little Elm Beach, which makes it a day trip destination.

The playground at little elm park has ziplines | best playgrounds in little elm

When your kids have enough of the playground, you can extend the fun by walking to the beach to dig in the sand and, if it’s warm enough, play in the water.

Little elm beach is fun for play all year around.

In addition, almost immediately behind the playground, you can connect to the beautiful Johnny Broyles Nature Trail, a concrete hike and bike path that loops around the lakeshore and is mostly shaded.

The entrance to johnny broyles nature trail in little elm

Little Elm Park and Little Elm Beach

701 W. Eldorado Parkway, Little Elm
(Note that during the summer months there is a $10 fee for parking)
Suitable for all ages; has restrooms (close to the beach).


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