The Instagrammable Richardson sweet shop, Sweet Daze Dessert Bar, said good-bye this week after 4 years of making desserts that were just as much a treat for the eyes as they were for the tastebuds.

The shop was supposed to close on Sept. 17, but due to a sudden spike in support, the closing date was pushed to Sept. 19, the day when the lease on the space was up.

To anyone asking “Why did Sweet Daze close?” owner Holly Nguyen explained that it was simply time to move on, and focus her other ventures, like OMG Tacos and commercial real estate development in Celina, TX.

“Unfortunately, Sweet Daze is a very time consuming niche business that doesn’t allow me to have time for anything else since I run it by myself — no partners or investors, just my team,” Holly said via an FAQ on the Sweet Daze website. “I haven’t had a real day off in 6 years and I’m very burnt out [and] need a break. Only other custom dessert artists or people who run multiple businesses at the same time might be able to understand where I’m coming from.”

Sweet Daze was known for its galaxy-themed donuts, black ice cream, and more whimsical desserts in a neon-lit space.

There are no plans on relocating the storefront. The entire team is moving on to other ventures.

“There’s so much more I want to do and I don’t plan on doing one thing for the rest of my life!” Holly said. “I started sweet daze when I was 24 with hardly any money and no dessert experience — two very important things you need to succeed in opening a dessert shop! I didn’t think anyone would even show up when we first opened, but there were lines down the street for weeks … These past 4 years have been nothing short of a dream and I’m so proud to have been part of this company and brand.”

Jordan Jarrett

Jordan is the digital manager at Local Profile. She creates digital, print and social content. Her passion is profiling people and their experiences, connecting community through authentic narrative.