In the history of “lame-but-cute” date ideas, mini golf (or its quirky cousin, putt-putt) is a classic at the top of the list.

But Puttery — which just opened in Grandscape — is turning the activity on its head, proving that even mini golf can be an upscale experience.

The Puttery’s concept is a modern spin on putt-putt, re-defining mini golf as a stylish and immersive experience. Innovative auto-scoring technology allows guests to easily move from one course to the next — with drink in hand, of course.

The maximalist lounge decor. The fabulous food, craft cocktails for each immersive course. A killer view of Grandscape. There’s nothing par for the course about this spot.

Let’s break it down for you.

Puttery’s food

First off, the food. You know how you typically can’t find much beyond packaged snacks and soft drinks when you go mini-golfing with friends (or, yikes, a date)?

Well, Puttery is about to spoil you on mini golf food for life.

The fire shrimp is an amazing way to kick (and we do mean kick) off your mini golf adventure!

The Fire Shrimp is a bold and spicy way to start things off: shrimp cooked in Cajun butter, tomato and green onions served with buttery, crunchy toasted artisan bread.

If you’re looking for an appetizer that’s a little more refreshing (but still bold), go for the Citrus Crudo: cucumber pico, jalapenos and micro-cilantro with a citrusy ponzu sauce.

From the signature pizza menu, you really can’t go wrong. We highly recommend the Burrata & Serrano pizza: made with rich burrata and mozzarella cheeses, serrano ham, heirloom grape tomatoes and San Marzano tomatoes, arugula, garlic and a sweet balsamic reduction.

Whoa, the pizza at this place. Unlike any mini golf food you’ll ever have again. Ever.

For dessert, the Mini Jars bring you rich trifles, individually or in a whole flight, from these flavors: Key Lime Cake, Berries & Cream, or Double Chocolate Cheesecake.

And of course, you can’t forget a drink. We would recommend holding off on mealtime drinks, in anticipation of the course-specific craft cocktails you’ll get during your mini golf sesh!

Or you could go to the gorgeous bar. The collection of signature cocktails they offer at there is nothing short of delightful if golfing with a glass in hand isn’t your thing.

The illusion mini golf course at puttery.

Puttery’s mini golf courses


The heart of Puttery is its array of themed, indoor mini golf courses: The Rooftop, The Lodge, The Illusion, and (a fan-favorite) The Library.

The library mini golf course at puttery,

Each hole within the courses have automatic scoreboards that remembers each party’s names and helps player keep track of their strokes and score.

But the best part? There are craft cocktails that go with the theme of each course.

Craft cocktails only from the lodge mini golf course at puttery.

Puttery’s ambiance

The high-energy atmosphere combines a curated menu with inventive cocktails. Guests can relax and enjoy their evening before, during, and after their scheduled tee time at the bar.

Lounge around between courses at puttery.

Puttery is also a premier destination for groups, outings, parties, and corporate events. From venue and course buyouts to competitive tournaments, the event packages here
are sure to suit each and every group format. Reach out to for details if you want to host your next big event there!

Puttery | 5762 Grandscape Blvd Suite 105, The Colony, TX 75056

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Jordan Jarrett

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