Recently, we’ve all taken to eating our favorite restaurant products at home. Whether you’ve been spoiled by DoorDash or making quick recipes with your air fryer, we’ve been spending more time eating in our own kitchen than we have in our favorite dining spots. 

Going out to eat is one of Texans’ favorite pastimes, however, in the era of convenience, it’s nice to have our favorite products in our home.

For those wanting to recreate their favorite Texas recipes, we’ve selected five different products from Texas-based restaurants that you can buy at your local grocery store.

Texas restaurant products you can buy #1 – Whataburger condiments

This restaurant product is a must for texans. Get your favorite whataburger sauces at h. E. B or central market! | image courtesy of whataburger

Nothing beats a burger hot off the grill, but with Whataburger’s signature spicy ketchup and jalapeño ranch dressing, you’ll be the talk of the barbecue. Also, Whataburger’s famous honey butter tastes fantastic on a Pillsbury biscuit at breakfast time (or very late at night). You can get Whataburger’s condiments at Central Market and Kroger stores. And very soon, H.E.B. stores!

Texas restaurant products you can buy #2 –Tacodeli chips, salsa & queso

Must. Try. All the salsas. If you can’t make it to taco deli, get over to the store to grab this beloved texas restaurant product. | image courtesy of tacodeli

Tacodeli’s menu boasts a large variety of unique tacos, but the salsas are half the fun. From the sweet, mild salsa verde, to the hot, spicy salsa doña, we can’t get enough of these bold, Latin flavors. You can get Tacodeli’s chips and salsa, as well as their queso and black bean dip, at a Whole Foods near you.

Texas restaurant products you can buy #3 – Mr. Gatti’s ranch dressing

Gatti’s customers can finally bring home the pizza parlor’s signature ranch restaurant product by the bottle | image courtesy of mr. Gatti’s pizza

After 50 years of customer demand, Mr. Gatti’s has made their famous ranch dressing available for purchase online or at any of their brick-and-mortar pizza shops. So mix it up with some greens and step up your salad game. Or use it as a dip for your breadsticks. Or your pizza. We won’t judge.

Texas restaurant products you can buy #4 –Kerbey Lane Cafe pancakes

A taste of austin right in our kitchen with this delightful restaurant product at our fingertips. | image courtesy of kerbey lane cafe

You don’t have to make a trek to Austin to get some of Kerbey Lane’s mouthwatering pancakes. Their pancake recipe has been a favorite of both local Austinites and tourists for over 40-years. You can pick up packages of their pancake mix at Central Market and Market Street stores.

Texas restaurant products you can buy #5 – Chili’s white queso

Chili’s queso is our guilty pleasure. Grab this timeless restaurant product without stepping inside the restaurant. | image courtesy of chili’s

Every time you go to Chili’s, you’ve gotta get the queso. If you eat nothing else, this cheesy, meaty, spicy concoction is nothing short of magical. But if you don’t want to sit out long wait times in the restaurant, you can pick up some of their queso at Walmart and H.E.B. stores.

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