the bennett triplets' first day of school photo! | courtesy of holly bennett
The bennett triplets’ first day of school photo! | courtesy of holly bennett

Three years ago, I spoke with Holly Bennett and met the Bennett triplets, Savannah, Beau and Wyatt, who have captured the hearts of over a hundred thousand Instagram followers (@bennetttriplets). They also have adorable YouTube content, as well!

They were just three years old then, with chubby cheeks and knobby knees, and they had just learned to swim and recognize their own faces in photos.

Now the Bennett triplets are all grown up. This week, they started first grade at Bettye Haun Elementary School in Plano.

Holly Bennett has been posting regular updates on their shenanigans to her Instagram story. Yesterday when she and her husband Jason picked the kids up in a cherry red bicycle with a caboose in back for the kids, Savannah looked on with horror and embarrassment.

“Well the bike’s cool, and they can deal with it,” Holly joked.

And then there’s the split seam in Wyatt’s pants from when he “busted a move” in class on the first day.

As humorous and exciting back to school can be, Holly Bennett has been experiencing empty nest syndrome.

“It’s been about 2 hours already and there’s been no calls from the school, so I THINK everything’s going okay. My house is pretty darn quiet, at the moment. Thinking I’ll go upstairs and jump around a bit so things can feel a bit more normal,” she stated in an Instagram caption.

See the full post below!

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With the spread of the Covid-19 Delta variant, Plano ISD requests authority to mandate masks in schools.

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