Local chef Tiffany Derry opened her hotly anticipated Southern food restaurant concept in Farmers Branch, TX… and it is Southern cookin’ to the next level!

Roots Southern Table is inspired by Derry’s upbringing on her family’s Southern farm. For Derry, her family’s cooking style was about eating with the seasons, canning and preserving fresh-picked fruits and vegetables, and never letting anything go to waste.

“I wanted the menu to be about this forever-evolving evolution of where Southern food started, and where it’s heading,” Derry says. “People always say, you know, ‘Oh, fried chicken, or mac and cheese!’ when they talk about Southern food. Why do we classify the South by specific dishes? We don’t do that with Italian. We don’t do it with lunch food. But Southern food? It’s like, if it doesn’t fit into a category, it’s not fun. So I really want this concept to be something different.”

(We talked to Tiffany in-depth about her inspiring story in 2016. Read here!)

Roots Southern Table’s minimalist design is understated and welcoming. The open kitchen, sleek bar and botanical flourishes create a relaxed and inviting experience, with a fine dining-esque touch to its Southern food offerings.

And spacious outdoor patio has been added for al fresco dining.

What you’ve gotta try

We’ve got you covered across courses at Roots Southern Table, but don’t just take our word for it! You have to experience this upscale twist on Southern food for yourself.

But if you need help just starting out, here’s what we recommend for starters:

  • Tiffany’s Mother’s Gumbo with chicken, Zummo sausage, Louisiana shrimp, TexJoy file, and herb rice.
  • Cast-Iron Cornbread topped with Steen’s syrup, smoked salted butter, and preserves.
  • Black-Eyed-Pea Hummus with a crispy pea fritter, XO chili sauce, and pea shoots.
  • Spring Pea Salad with burrata, preserved lemon, radishes, and candied bacon.

(Watch Chef Tiffany make the Spring Pea Salad!)

YouTube video

Overwhelmed by the menu for your main “supper” dish? We don’t blame you. For main courses, here are our picks:

  • Crawfish Boil Ravioli with crawfish tails, Zummo sausage, corn, and herbs.
  • Pork Osso Bucco with Texas tamale, West African peanut sauce, and mustard green salad.
  • Tiffany’s famous Duck Fat Fried Chicken served family-style with drop biscuits, watermelon rind preserves, and house-made sauces.
rst fried chicken greens alyssa vincent
Look at this fried chicken and tell us you’re not hungry for southern food. | photography by alyssa vincent

And of course, for your sipping pleasure, the cocktails that we’re obsessed with:

  • The Kingfish, a spin on a classic Vieux Carre with house infused plum rye whiskey, cognac, sweet vermouth, and lemon bitters.
  • The Debutante with house Orangecello, Lillet Blanc, prosecco, and seasonal fresh herbs.
  • The Kool-Aid Cocktail with vodka, hibiscus tea, strawberry, dry curacao, lemon, and pounded sugarcane.
  • The Laveau, with peach-infused Bacardi rum, Luxardo maraschino, grapefruit and a smoke bubble that makes this decadent drink just as entertaining to watch as it is to sip!

(Watch the magical creation of the Laveau!)

YouTube video

This experience will undoubtedly expand your horizons when it comes to Southern food. Derry has seen it happening with her customers already.

“We had a lady in the other day who said she liked and understood all of the menu items and liked a good Southern meal,” Derry said. “But then when she got the food, it was beautiful; and when she ate it, it was so different from the Southern food she was thinking of. It just made her so happy to experience the South in that way. And I was like, ‘She got it!'”

Where you’ve gotta go

Roots Southern Table is located at 13050 Bee Street, Suite 160, Farmers Branch, TX 75234.

Visit the Roots Southern Table website for more details, and follow Roots on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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