This weekend, multiple city council races in Plano, Allen and Frisco held runoff elections following the May 1 election. And some were especially contested.

While the McKinney City Council District 1 seat was supposed to go to a runoff election between Justin Beller and Stan Penn, Penn withdrew from the race because of the constant hatred he was receiving on social media. The McKinney City Council named Beller the winner on May 10.

But to find out who (finally) won some of the remaining city council seats in Plano, Allen and Frisco, here’s a roundup of who came out on top in the June 5 runoff elections, according to the county’s unofficial election results.


The two Plano races that went to runoff elections were Plano City Council Place 4 and Place 7. There were four original candidates for Place 4 — incumbent Kayci Prince, Vidal Quintanilla, Justin Adcock and Nassat Parveen. 

Prince and Adcock got the most votes out of the four candidates, so the two faced off in the runoff election. Prince got about 39% of the vote, while Adcock received 42% of the vote on May 1. According to the unofficial election results from the runoff, Prince won with about 56% of the vote, while Adcock got 44%.

The Plano City Council Place 7 race also had a lot of candidates — five, to be exact. But the two who got the most votes on May 1 were Julie Holmer, who received 34% of the vote, and Chris Robertson, who got 32%. 

Holmer is the projected winner of the runoff with 54% of the vote. Robertson received 46% of the vote.


Over in Allen, there were two races that went to runoff elections — Allen City Council Place 3 and Place 5. 

The Place 3 race was extremely close, with incumbent Lauren Doherty receiving 42% of the vote and Dave Cornette receiving 41% of the vote on May 1. And according to the unofficial runoff election results, Cornette came out on top with 55% of the vote, while Doherty received 45%.

Four candidates originally ran for Place 5. However, Dave Shafer and Philip Brewer got the most votes. Shafer received 48% of votes, while Brewer got 41% on May 1. Shafer beat Brewer in the runoff with 55% of the vote. Brewer received 45% of the vote.


Only one spot in Frisco went to a runoff election — Frisco City Council Place 3. Four candidates, Angelia Pelham, Karen Cunningham, Jennifer White and Sai Krishna, were in the running for the spot on May 1.

Out of the four candidates, White and Pelham got the most votes, with White receiving 32% and Pelham receiving 30%. 

The unofficial runoff election results show that Pelham is the projected winner with 59% of the vote. White received 41% of the vote.

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