It’s almost Mother’s Day, which means it’s time for you to get a gift for the mom in your life to show her your appreciation. But after the pandemic and end of stimulus-check season, many of our wallets are struggling (at least mine is). 

So, if you’re looking for something to get your mom for Mother’s Day, here are five gift ideas that can be adjusted for those on a budget or adjusted for those with the means to spend a bit more. 

Before getting into the list, I’d also like to mention — please buy your mom a card to go with any of these gifts. Nothing beats a nice note telling them what they mean to you.

Flowers + Bottle of Alcohol or Candle

One of my favorite things to do when looking for gifts, especially while on a budget, is to “bundle” gifts together. While the individual items are inexpensive, together, they make one hell of a present. For this idea, you can stop by the grocery store and pick up some cheap flowers, or you can get a bouquet made by a florist if you want to be a bit fancier. 

If the mom you’re buying for likes alcohol, then you can’t go wrong with grabbing their favorite bottle of wine or champagne. Again, you can buy cheap or expensive alcohol to match your budget. You could also get hard liquor from a liquor store if that’s more their speed. 

But not everyone is into drinking alcohol. So if the person you’re shopping for isn’t much of a drinker, you can buy a candle instead of alcohol to go with the flowers. I haven’t met another human being that doesn’t like candles, so you can’t really go wrong with one. 

I’ve bought the below Chesapeake Bay candle on Amazon as gifts for friends many times. I highly recommend these. I’ve gotten many different scents and haven’t bought a bad one yet.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

And here’s another option on Amazon — a Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day candle — that’s also a good candle but cheaper.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

Makeup Mirror

Some of the best presents are those that are practical and can be used every day. Because of that, a makeup mirror is an excellent gift for Mother’s Day. While this may sound like a boring idea, there are actually some really cool makeup mirrors out there. 

I bought the below lighted vanity mirror on Amazon for myself after my light-up mirror (that I had for nearly eight years) broke. I love it so much that I even bought it for my mom for her birthday in April, and she loves it, too. It has three light settings, a tray for your makeup so it doesn’t roll and is easy to travel with because the pieces can come apart. Just make sure you have four AA batteries for it (they aren’t included).

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

But if you think the person you’re buying for may want something a bit smaller, this Koolorbs magnifying makeup mirror on Amazon is a good option, too. It even has a suction cup on the bottom so that it won’t move around.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

Mug + Favorite Coffee

If the mom you’re buying for is a coffee drinker, then this gift bundle is a great option for a Mother’s Day gift. And if you happen to know what their favorite coffee is, then it’s even better. Depending on if they use a traditional coffee maker or a Keurig, you can either buy bagged coffee or a small box of K-Cup pods. If you aren’t sure what their favorite type of coffee is, you can’t really go wrong with Starbucks brand coffee. 

As for the mug, try and find something they don’t already have. I’m a huge coffee drinker, and the sheer amount of coffee mugs I’ve received as gifts took up an entire cabinet in my old apartment’s kitchen. And while I love them all, it’s clever to give a mug that’s a little different and stands out among the rest. 

One option is this Bosmarlin ceramic coffee mug on Amazon. The design on it is beautiful and unique. It’s also huge, which is a bonus for coffee drinkers.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

Another option is this Sunwill coffee mug on Amazon. These types of mugs are amazing because they are insulated. I have a mug similar to this one, and I love it because it keeps my coffee hot during my 45-minute work commute.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

Pajama Set

I typically try to avoid buying clothing as a gift because it can be hard to get the sizing right. But pajamas are a great Mother’s Day gift option because everyone uses them, and you have more leeway on sizing. 

If you know their size, you can buy the pajamas in that size or go one size up for a baggier fit. If you don’t know, try to guesstimate. A good rule of thumb with pajamas is to buy up a size. Most people don’t mind — and actually prefer — for their pajamas to have a looser fit. 

These Trendy Queen women’s pajamas on Amazon are so cute that you could (probably) get away with wearing them in public. They also have long pants, so if you know the person you’re shopping for is cold-natured, then these are perfect.

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

A second option is these Euovmy women’s leopard print pajamas on Amazon. Cheetah print is truly making a comeback. And this pajama set is perfect for those who would rather sleep in shorts (that also have pockets!)

Screenshot from amazon. Com.

Spa Day Gift Card

I know some people are against giving gift cards as presents because they think they’re too impersonal. But, honestly, if you’ve ever been given a gift card to somewhere you like or shop all of the time, you know what a good present they are. 

And if the mom you’re shopping for is into any kind of self-care or beauty treatments, then a gift card to that place is an incredible Mother’s Day gift. And there are a lot of options depending on what they like. You could get a gift card to their favorite hair salon or nail salon. Other gift card options could be to a spa, massage parlor or facial bar. 

Just make sure you browse the salon/spa’s options before landing on a gift card amount. You can put enough money on the gift card to get them the cheapest option or put enough money on it to cover the salon or spa’s royal treatment package.

Bailey Lewis

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