A late night eatery and relaxed retreat, Ebb & Flow opened in Deep Ellum in the fall of 2019 like a secret garden in the middle of the city.

People come for the outdoor patio, ivy and flowers blanketing the ceiling, visible behind an iron garden gate. But they stay for Ebb & Flow’s signature Cubano egg rolls, by far their most popular dish, and chicken fried chicken. If it’s brunchtime, they stay for chicken fried chicken and eggs and French toast brioche. Sitting on lounge chairs, they sip Garden Margaritas, made with cucumber cilantro juice, and vibrant purple Velvet Butterflies, made with Deep Ellum vodka, Velvet Falnerum, champagne, and butterfly peaflowers. 

Now, Ebb & Flow is bringing garden vibes, late night food, and craft cocktails to the Shops at Legacy in Plano. The accordion-style doors open in early March, just in time for spring weather. 

A pair of brothers, Dallas Hale and Eric Bradford, created Ebb & Flow together. Hale is a restaurateur; seafood and sushi fans will know Hale’s other concepts Shell Shack and Sushi Marquee. Bradford comes out of the music scene, and has managed notable venues like the Bomb Factory and Trees.

They brought their two specialties together for Ebb & Flow. 

Courtesy of ebb & flow

“Ebb & Flow was founded on the idea that good food, drinks and music—combined in the right atmosphere—can bring people together for conversation and celebrations,” Hale said in a press release. “The Shops at Legacy is a vibrant neighborhood that perfectly complements our ethos, and we believe that we can provide a comfortable place for locals to hang out with friends and make new ones.” 

Bradford says the location “felt it a perfect fit.” Many patrons at Deep Ellum drove from Plano or Frisco to Ebb & Flow, so the brothers knew there was demand for a concept exactly like theirs. 

“We wanted Ebb & Flow to be a late night spot where you could grab a great cocktail and eat until 2 a.m.,” Bradford says. In the music industry, Bradford’s roots, there’s always a market for places that are open late, especially places that serve food late into the night. For Bradford and Hale, that was a priority. 

They didn’t have to search for a location long before they found a spot at Shops at Legacy, which used to be a Coal Vines. In fact, Bradford says it’s everything they hoped for and more. 

“It’s a bigger space, with a bigger patio, more room for lounge seating,” he explains. “There’s a brick-style oven, so we’re bringing pizza and brunch flatbreads to the menu.”

Like the Deep Ellum location, the new space will be designed by his wife, Laura Bradford.

“She likes to tell me how wrong I am on colors and things,” he says. “She puts together ideas, hangs flowers, and gives it the unique vibe. It’s Instagrammable, so many people stop by to take pictures. We want to make the spot gorgeous.”  

Obviously, the pandemic forced most restaurants to adapt to social distancing. For many, it meant literally redesigning a pre-existing dining room and kitchen. But building Ebb & Flow with the pandemic in mind means that the brothers built it with adaptability in mind.

“We built the concept around social distancing,” Bradford explains. “The location has large accordion doors, so we have plenty of air flow, which eases the mind.” 

More importantly, they designed the dining room for mobility. “We built space between the booths and tables in a way so that we can remove them to social distance. When the pandemic is over, we can move the furniture, take down the plexiglass, and we’re ready to go.” 

Ebb & Flow, Plano will be a big, airy space, a 3,000 square foot dining room with tile floors and statement chandeliers hanging over the full bar. Accordion doors lead right out to the 1,000 square-foot open-air patio decked out with ivy and flowers, stocked with lounge furniture. 

“We’re excited to be north of 635,” Bradford says. “We’ll have a cool vibe, garden-style theme behind it. It’s about the ebb and flow, you know, the atmosphere.”

Ebb & Flow is located at 7300 Lone Star Dr. C125, Plano. It opens in early March.