In North Texas, nearly everyone knows about Collin County’s economic and growth boom. It’s been making headlines since the ’60s when Ross Perot bought land here for development. Forty years later, the economic growth went into overdrive, and has been growing strong ever since, despite COVID-19 ravaging the economy.

Since 2000, Collin County has grown 45 percent, to more than a million residents, and will probably reach 3 million by 2040. It’s growing at twice the speed of Dallas County, fueled by domestic migration, with the Asian population as the fastest growing segment, according to a Dallas Business Journal October 19 report

“The economic opportunity of the county and prosperity in years to come depends on us acknowledging these changes,” Amy Knop-Narbutis, research and data director for Every Texan, a policy and advocacy organization, told the Business Journal. “[We need to make] sure that we’re implementing equitable policies and support that everybody in the community can fully participate in the economy.”

Here at Local Profile, this opportunity and prosperity can be seen looking back at this year’s Collin County business stories from the tech company boom in Allen to an exercise bike company hiring hundreds of people. In our Local Leaders Facebook Live! series, local business leaders discussed what they are doing to implement these equitable policies and inspire Collin County’s youth.

Below, in no particular order, we’ve collected a few of the most read business stories in 2020: 

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Changing the model

  1. Black-owned Bookstores Step Up to Educate Texans about Black History
  2. Collin County Brothers Upend the Energy Drink Industry with Nexus, Raising the Nutritional Bar
  3. The Fight for Small Businesses in Collin County During the COVID-19 Crisis
  4. PepsiCo Is Making Strides toward Sustainable Farming, Water Conservation, & Renewable Energy
  5. Allen Proves Resilient in Commercial Development Tech Boom During COVID-19
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Good News

  1. Micron Technology Expands Operations in Allen
  2. Twelve Cowboys Way Channels Staubach and Jones in New Luxury Apartments
  3. Business Is Booming for Peloton, Leading to New Location in Plano & Hundreds of Jobs
  4. Southfork Ranch Enjoys Unlikely Resurgence of Business Amid Pandemic
  5. Amazon Is Hiring 6,500 North Texans for the Holiday Season
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Local Leaders

  1. PepsiCo Senior Director Discusses Making Serious Investments, Changes for Black Businesses and Communities
  2. Craig International Has Been Shaping Collin County For More Than 30 Years
  3. Abused in Foster Care, Irum Rashid-Jones is on a Mission to Change the System
  4. Toyota Is Working to Make an Impact on Collin County’s Youth
  5. Plano Community Advocate Pamela Ziegler-Petty on Advocacy and DFW’s Black Business Community
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The Future

  1. Frisco Wants to Become One of the First Cities to Offer Flying Car Travel
  2. Plano Planning & Zoning Commission Approves Affordable Housing for Seniors
  3. Collin County’s Population Explodes, Are We Ready?
  4. Paul Quinn College-Plano Pioneers a Future Free of Student Debt
  5. The Pandemic Could Change the “Gig Economy” as We Know It

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