Jimy Rubio entered the ocean tunnel where the sharks and stingrays swam. At 14 years old, he was legally blind yet could see with the help of a new sight technology. A few days before Christmas, he wore an eSight 4 device. He says it allowed him to see three times better as he toured SEA LIFE Grapevine and LEGOLAND Discovery center at Grapevine Mills Mall. 

The head-mounted sight device uses a cutting-edge camera, smart algorithms, and high-resolution screens. It provides Jimy’s brain with increased visual information while compensating for gaps in his field of view. As a Class 1 medical device, the eSight 4 offers people with low vision and legal blindness like Jimy to achieve their goals at home, play, and school/work.

For Jimy, he went from legally blind to 20/25 vision.

“Probably if I didn’t have the glasses I wouldn’t be able to see all the animals that we saw today,” Jimy says. “And with the glasses, I was able to see all the fish and everything.” 

But his biggest surprise came when he found that he would be able to keep the eSight 4. He thought it was a rental. He also received a special LEGO creation and a behind-the-scenes look at the aquarium. SEA LIFE also gave him annual passes for him and his family. 

Courtesy of sea life grapevine

A sight advancement

In a Dec. 21 press release, eSight points out that people who use the eSight 4 have been able to climb mountains, zipline, and play sports. They’ve also become a personal trainer, thread a needle, and ridden horseback. More importantly, they’ve been able to see Santa and their newborn baby for the first time. 

“We are happy to provide Jimy with this device that will make schoolwork, playing with friends, and other activities much easier,” Brian McCollumm, eSight’s chief commercial officer, said in the press release. 

“At eSight we strive to empower individuals with low vision and see new possibilities. With Jimy’s new eSight device he’ll be able to do even greater things.”

To learn more about Jimy’s experience, check out the short video below. 

For more information about eSight visit esighteyewear.com/

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