The decision was made in a split second with no thought of their own safety. The only thing that mattered to the Plano police officer was protecting the victim on this late June morning.

He was stabbed in the line of duty yet able to save the victim. It was his job but one that often goes unrecognized — until Tuesday, when the citizen whose life was saved found a way to thank the police. 

David Tilley, Plano police spokesperson, told Local Profile that two officers were recognized by the citizen, who wasn’t identified, for their bravery. They were the first to arrive on the scene.

“This one was from the citizen, which definitely means a lot to our officers,” Tilley said. “We will be recognizing them internally too for their lifesaving actions.”

Plano Police Chief Ed Drain agreed. 

Since the incident took place, Drain said that the officers have remained in contact with the citizen. They even visited her while in the hospital, to make sure she is recovering well.  

“To this day, they have maintained a special relationship that I believe will last long into the future,” he said.

Christian McPhate

Christian has been working as a freelance journalist in North Texas for more than a decade. His stories have appeared in the Dallas Observer, the Houston Press, and Rolling Stone magazine. He covers a...