John Krasinski is widely known for playing Jim on The Office, starring in A Quiet Place with his wife and fellow actor Emily Blunt, and these days, for starting the Youtube show Some Good News from his house and delivering something we really need: good news. Usually it’s touching, it’s also funny (Krasinski has great costume design), and there have been surprise guests stars like his wife Emily Blunt and the cast of Hamilton.

The second episode was released two days ago, and for those who missed it, a new nonprofit, started by Plano-based restaurant group FrontBurner, got a shout out.

Furlough Kitchen was listed with other acts of compassion and kindness such as the worldwide effort to create personal protective equipment for hospitals and a math teacher who came to teach a student from outside her window.

The Plano-based restaurant group, as we covered in a previous article, started Furlough Kitchen so that they could give their furloughed hospitality employees a meal every day by partnering with CitySquare and Vestals Catering. Meals are served from noon to 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday at 4318 Eastside Avenue in Dallas.

The most notable thing about Furlough Kitchen is how quickly it came together. FrontBurner and its partners pulled it together in under a week in order to help their own out-of-work staff. (Partners include Conal Cronin Love, The R Circle and Leonard Sloan, and cash donors like The Boston Beer Company, Republic National Distributing, The Weitzman Group and Alliance Payroll.)

“Our mission at Front Burner Restaurants is to create new concepts that serve the unmet needs in the communities where we live,” DeWitt told us in late March. “Why couldn’t we create a new brand to serve the need of furloughed restaurant workers and operate it as a 90-day pop-up?”

Furlough Kitchen is mentioned in the first five minutes, but we recommend watching the whole thing. It’s worth it.

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