Bohemian chic is all the rage, and thankfully, north Texas is keeping up with the times. Opening this spring in The Colony’s Grandscape development (Truck Yard, Nebraska Furniture Mart) is The Homestead. The Homestead is a group of three businesses dedicated to housing small businesses. The Homestead is set to be home to vendors and small business owners from Dallas, Denton, Mckinney and other surrounding cities. Among these small businesses is Magic Hour, a shop showcasing vintage and handmade goods by local artisans and creators.

“Our vision for Grand scape has always been to cultivate a mix of shops and experiences unlike any other, and by adding local businesses like Magic Hour, we are doing just that,” says Jeff Lind, President of Grandscape. “By featuring unique, handmade, artisan pieces, [Magic Hour] offer[s] a shopping experience that is truly one of a kind.”

Magic Hour first opened in Bishop Arts in 2018 by mother-daughter duo Mary Ann and Molly Mathias. 

Molly Mathias | by Emilee Prado

“We mainly focus on home goods and home decor,” says Molly. “We have a little bit of apothecary, jewelry and pantry items as well. Everything in the store is handmade or it comes from a small business that sources their products ethically.”

The new Magic Hour location in The Colony will feature a few changes from the Bishop Arts location. Molly cites her travels to California as one of her inspirations for the new location. 

“It’s going to be smaller and a little bit more rustic,” Molly says. “California heavily influences what we sell, and this store will have more ‘beach shack vibes.’ It’ll definitely be a more casual feel than our Bishop Arts store.”

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While the store may be a downsize from the original Bishop Arts location, Molly believes that this means she will able to interact with the customers more and be able to better educate them on what they’re buying. She also hopes to be able to better provide recommendations as she gets to know each customer and their interests. 

Emilee Prado

“Magic Hour is a perfect fit for the Homestead,” says Katie Wedekind, Public Relations Manager of they carefully curate their product mix by focusing on unique, vintage and handmade goods all within a warm and inviting atmosphere.  We are thrilled to have them open a second location in Grandscape.”

Molly and her mother first got their business off the ground by selling vintage furniture out of a warehouse they owned. She feels that young, female business owners shouldn’t be afraid to start small and not force themselves to be business powerhouses right off the bat.

“Everybody kind of has that side hustle going on and there’s nothing wrong with that,” Molly says. “Try and grow your business and organically and don’t be afraid to ask for help. It’s kind of impossible,  I think, in this day and age to get a small business off the ground if you don’t have some help behind you.”

Magic Hour will open in The Colony on Tuesday, March 3.

5768 Grandscape Blvd. #175, The Colony |

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